Do Online Games Cause Anxiety? 8 Great Tips to Manage it like a Pro!

Mon, 01 23rd 2023, 4:35:22 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Games have been accused of various harmful effects out of which anxiety is one of the biggest issues. To fight off anxiety try these 8 super easy hacks to manage your healthy gaming habits.

Based on some studies, it has been suggested that excessive or prolonged use of online games can lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. However, such effects depend greatly on the individual and the specific game being played by them over the course of time.

To manage anxiety related to online gaming, it's essential to set boundaries for yourself. It is also necessary to maintain a balance between gaming and other activities, such as exercising, socializing, schooling & so on. 

Correlation of Online Games and Anxiety

The correlation between online games and anxiety goes much deeper than what everyone fancies. Numerous people who suffer from anxiety are more prone to game addiction than individuals who don’t experience anxiety. This cascading fall from anxiety to game addiction can lead to severe health problems in the future.

Even Higher levels of neuroticism make people more susceptible to developing a gaming disorder. In other words, those who are more nervous and suffer from stress tend to gravitate toward games more often. As gaming works as an escape for these people. 

It usually helps people forget their problems, and may reduce anxiety for a short duration of time. However, the relief online games bring from anxiety is gradually short-lived. The underlying reason you’re anxious will still be there, whether it’s a life situation, stressful events, high neuroticism trait, or other causes. 

Therefore, if you wish to pursue gaming every day while staying fit physically & mentally. Then, follow these Top 5 Tips to manage gaming by avoiding all sorts of anxiety & stress:

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1. Set time limits for your gaming sessions.

2. Take short breaks during long sessions.

3. Avoiding games that make you excessively anxious.

4. Make sure to build a super comfortable and ergonomic setup for gaming.

5. Get proper 6-8hrs of sleep while maintaining a healthy diet

6. Monitor & reduce the time you spend on gaming every day.

7. Move around, stretch, and give your eyes a rest amidst long durations of gaming.

8. Reach out to online counseling or therapy to manage symptoms of anxiety related to gaming.

Always remember that playing online games can be thrilling and enjoyable. Hence, don’t stress yourself with excess guilt & shame. Even if you play them at odd hours. It substitutes another stress for your mind to take further. Games are good for your health especially when you know how to manage them. Hopefully, this short guide for managing your gaming along with happy mental health will benefit your daily routines. In case of any issues always reach out to your loved ones & professionals for prescriptions. To keep yourself updated with these helpful hacks related to gaming, gadgets, esports & blockchain gaming stay tuned with Jagran Play blogs. You can support our work by following our social media & sharing it with other gaming buddies.

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