Apex Legends' Vantage: Know All About Season 14's Trailer Decode

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Did You Know Apex Legend’s Vantage Has some hidden secrets in newly launched trailer? Get All Insights about the game releasing on Aug 9, 2022

Apex Legend has been a blockbuster game based on the survivalist sniper. The Game is all set to rock the market in Season 14 which will launch on 9th August 2022. All new Apex Legend Vantage Season 14's debut legend, is definitely worth a closer look.

Despite the controversial reveal in March 2022 via a massive leak, everyone knows that Vantage is a skilled sniper.


The recent trailer launch has also unleashed some surprising facts about the Vantage. Let’s dive deeper into the world of this ‘legend’ and get more insights.


Vantage as we all know is an excellent sniper and hunter who grew up in isolation on Pàgos. It is an icy, deserted planet system titled The Fringe Worlds. Such an unusual upbringing makes her a unique character in both gameplay and lore. Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends' newest character. Based on data mining leaks and the Season 14 Launch Trailer, Vantage has the following powerful abilities:


1. Passive: Sniper Kit


Vantage can easily acquire tactical info about enemies available when ADSing. It involves the legend they are playing, the rarity of their body shield, the number of members alive in their squad, and how far away they are standing.


2. Tactical: Echo Launch


Vantage can keep an eye on you from a long distance through her winged companion, Echo. She can send it to a specific position and launch herself further to the same location.


3. Ultimate: Mark to Kill


Vantage can scan enemies and boosts damage for her squadmates with the help of her custom sniper. With successive hits, Vantage can increase the damage. The entire squad will be rewarded with a 15% damage bonus when enemies are scanned with Mark to Kill.


4. Complete Rebel: Doesn't Play by the Rules


Vantage’s birth name is Xiomara or "Mara" Contrares. She only lives by one single rule which is to survive. Though she managed to follow other rules, she is a Real Rule BBrealer. She actively defies her mother's wishes in her episode of Stories from the Outlands. Vantage won her first Apex match, still, it doesn’t necessarily prove that she's got what it takes to be a ‘Great legend’. She definitely represented a refined set of skills during the match, but it wouldn't matter. Xiomara was always going to win that match because it was rigged using the same algorithm discovered by Crypto in his episode of Stories from the Outlands.


5. Mother’s a Real OG


Xiomara's or Vantage’s mother, Xenia, is a charming character too. She spent years lying to her daughter about every detail of her past until Vantage found the truth. Xenia was a wanted skilled criminal who was the sole survivor of the crash of the G.D.S. Vantage cargo ship sailed to take prisoners to the detention facility.


Did You Notice?



Vantage and her mother, both were picked up by the same Gaean Space Authority. Still, if you haven’t noticed, zoom in and get a closer look at the table where Vantage and her mother visited. It reveals an interesting detail- “Xenia is held in the same prison as Mad Maggie” who is back in the cell when she's not participating in the Apex Games.


The trailer launch also has various flashbacks to Vantage's visits with her mother. At one point you can see, she brings along a roughly crafted ship, apparently ready to take down every Syndicate guard armed with nothing but a sharp stick. But before that manic decision, Xenia snatches the makeshift weapon out of her daughter's hands, ending the scene.


Many are saying that the countdown leading up to the trailer's release is lighting up the controversy of Games being actively rigged. There’s an important conversation between two prison guards interrupted by the prison riot. Everyone is expecting the culprit to be Mad Maggie but it's possible she's not “only” behind all of this. 


Wrap Up!

When Vantage's mother confiscates the ship, this is clearly a flashback, while the conversation between the guards shown in the pre-trailer countdown might have happened after Vantage's mother, Xenia has obtained a weapon. This does indicate the riot was caused by both Maggie and Xenia or even just Xenia. Who knows she is a twisted classic criminal after all. Whatever the case, you can’t take your eyes off, this interesting character of Xenia, that’s for sure!


Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted will release on August 9 at 10 AM PT or 1 PM PT.

Currently, Apex Legends is FREE to play for console and PC users. In fact, a mobile-only version of Apex Legends Mobile is also available for download on Android and iOS devices.


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