Latest Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer Reveals New Entries,Battle Modes & More | Complete Decode!

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 8th, 2022 18:09 IST
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Check out all the hidden clues in the brand-new game of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer featuring new Pokemon entries in Pokedex. Find out what are their signature moves, new battle arenas, new trainers coming in the game & more.

Landing with a blast during the Pokemon World Championship in London 2022, CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara unveiled the latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which highlighted many battle mechanics and online plays for fans to decode.


Kicking off with a new Pokemon, Cyclizar( referencing from the ‘cycle’ ride at a phenomenal speed) the trailer was spectacular. It even showed a whole new move for Cyclizar called Shed Tail. It is more like a concoction of Substitute and Baton Pass, creating a Poke Doll substitute until another Pokemon lands at the battleground.



There are numerous hidden clues in this latest trailer launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet about the game, that you should have picked! Let’s see how many you got right? through the detailed decode of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violent trailer right below.


You get new battle items- Mirror Herb, which mimics a stat boost taken up from the opponent and applies it to the holder of the item. Whereas the Loaded Dice, will power up the player to have multi-hit attacks and apparently a higher chance of firing the maximum number of hits in the game.


The ultimate transformation for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- Terastal Pokemon has also made its way into the trailer while flexing a new move called Tera Blast. You can change your type & Pokemon through this move, whenever the transformation occurs. Isn’t it cool?


To all the nerdy Pokemon catchers out there! You can find more details about the game on the official website. And if you are not that much of a reader, Here’s a briefly listed overview of the website’s info on Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. 


You will explore an all-new Battle Stadium mode, in this new Pokemon series. It is more like the game's online battle feature where both casual and ranked battles can be launched. Various friendly and official online competitions are also available for beginners too.



Being the 9th core installment for the Pokemon franchise, the pressure to perform well on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is definitely high! But introducing players to the Paldea region and its two legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Myrmidon along with many new stadiums to battle there is a high scope for its success. Launching the game on November 18th exclusively for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a whole new experience even for the dedicated Pokemon players. 


Don’t miss this incredible gameplay, if you own a Nintendo Switch! We will be offering more latest updates on the game as it arrives. Till then keep exploring other fun games, news, eSport, Blockchain games & gaming updates only at Jagran Play-All for free!


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