Sony Wooing Mobile Gamers With its New Divison- PlayStation Studios Exclusive For Mobile Gaming

Tue, 08 30th 2022, 7:34:50 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Sony is working towards its mobile gaming model; launching a separate PlayStation Studios Mobile Division & Acquiring Savage Game Studios is a Sign of Cooking Something really great for Mobile Gamers| Read More to See what it is?

Sony has extended its roots into mobile gaming with the launch of PlayStation Studios Mobile Division. This will be an independent unit, that’ll operate from the company’s console game development. The main objective behind this big move is to ‘focus on innovative, on-the-go experiences based over new and existing PlayStation IP.’ 


After facing wide criticism over the Playstation price hike, the launch of PlayStation Studios Mobile Division might bring some sigh of relief to the fans. Sony also announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios. It wasn’t as if Savage had many renowned titles under its belly! In fact, Savage Game Studios was founded back in 2020, by developers Michael McManus, Michail Katkoff, and Nadjim Adjir. By far, its developers have worked with various game creators from Insomniac Games, Zynga, and Rovio. But, Savage Game Studio wasn’t able to produce any game of their own yet.



Sony’s New Mobile Games Cooking Up!


Sony has announced in a blog, that

“They’re already working on a new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game. It’s too early to reveal more, but I’m so excited for when they’ll be able to,”


Whereas, adding to their diligent efforts for the mobile gaming industry, earlier this year, Sony also announced that they desire half of its games to be on PC or mobile by 2025.


Sony’s Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan said-


“PlayStation Studios historically has executed wonderfully in the delivery of a strong portfolio of narrative rich, graphically beautiful single-player games, but it’s certainly the case that we have restricted ourselves to a rather narrow portion of the gaming market,” 


He also rationalized by saying


“By expanding to PC and mobile, and it must be said… also to live services, we have the opportunity to move from a situation of being present in a very narrow segment of the overall gaming software market, to being present pretty much everywhere,”


The SIE President during a slide share for the Investors’ Day presentation also vividly revealed that the company is planning to phase out its PlayStation 4 gaming console. Yeah! A big wow moment for many! But Sony recently launched the DualSense controllers. These gaming controllers work for Sony’s PS5 gaming console only, which somewhere justifies the theory that PS4 might be saying goodbye to us.


Wrap Up!


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