Multiversus Season 1 Officially Confirmed: Arrival of DC’s Black Adam & Stripe from Gremlins

Fri, 09 9th 2022, 11:57:10 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Multiversus Season 1 officially revealed the arrival of DC’s anti-hero- Black Adam & Stripe, from Gremlin making an entry in upcoming season| Find Out Who are the new villains of the Mutliversus S1 & What is Bettlejuice's character voice leak has to do with it.

Season One of Multiversus is summoning the storm of various renowned characters back into the game. Regular additions are being featured in this popular PS4/PS5/Xbox & PC game for more adventure. The lineup became more engaging when Rumors regarding the addition of Black Adam and Stripes got viral on social media. Later the developers behind MultiVersus finally confirmed their arrival in Season 1.


Player First is also planning to add New thriller modes in season 1 of the MultiVersus game, including Classic Arcade and Ranked modes.


Multiversus was released on 28th July 2022. Since its arrival fans were highly engaged in this fighting game. The release of new characters, including Arya, Batman, LeBron James, and Steven Universe is just going to tear up the charts of gaming. Let’s see what free battle pass you can score in this popular Multiversus game this month along with insightful details about the new characters of Multiversus- Black Adam & Stripe.


About the Characters- Stripe & Black Adam 


You might remember Stripe as the quirky antagonist from Gremlin and Space Jam: A New Legacy. And, Black Adam is a well-known antihero from the DC Comics universe. But, if you are thinking, that Black Adams will look more like Dwayne Johnson, then leave that thought right away! MultiVersus developers have chosen the aesthetics to be more comic-inspired this time.


Though, no official release date has been announced for these characters. But, Adam’s edition tentative release is expected to arrive, with the character’s DCEU movie release of the same name, which is probably coming in October.  As the film is arriving in a couple of months, both characters might arrive in the same window too.


For now, MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has confirmed on Twitter that both rosters will roll out in Season One. Whereas Rick Sanchez is another character due to join later in the season.



Multiversus: In-Game Rewards & Battle Pass Offers


Warner Bros. Games has also released an exciting Multiversus: Battle Pass, which will boost the players to earn in-game rewards, and various free options in numerous game modes. Especially the LeBron James “I’m Freakin’ Robin” character variant will offer a premium option highlighting the Taz “Tune Squad ’96” variant, Harley “Task Force X” variant, and much more. Both the free and paid Battle Pass are featured in the Multiversus game for the players to enjoy. You have a tonne of options including new badges, profile icons, banners, ring-outs, and other rewards to claim in, Multiversus of Season 1.


Hush Hush a Rumor!


Say with me Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice! Those who got the reference kudos! For those who didn’t, it's an iconic way to summon the trickster from the renowned horror comedy film Beetlejuice. Betelgeuse's role was played by Michael Keaton much before his Batman character made headlines. Rumors are circulating across the internet about the character lines of Betelgeuse being leaked from Multiversus. Let’s see if we actually called the trickster to this game or not.


Wrap Up!


Warner Bros announcements of these new rosters in Multiversus is a superb fit for all the DC and Gremlin fans to indulge more. These players will set the stage on fire in the coming months. Along with that, Morty Smith from Rick & Morty will also join the roster on 23rd August 2022. But the availability of MultiVersus in a few nations is limiting the thrill of this incredible fighter game on Xbox. Don't worry it's gradual expansion will hopefully consume everyone from its hype. And, do you think Multiple YouTubers and streamers genuinely enjoying the game, will stay stagnant once this game hit the top charts?


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