Grab Exciting Freebies of Madden 23 & Play for New Field Passes of Season 1

Thu, 09 15th 2022, 5:39:18 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Dazzling rewards are showering in Madden 23 right now! Waste no more time & check out all the amazing field passes & huge discounts streaming currently over Madden 23 & various other games.

Grab the dazzling rewards showering in Madden 23 right now! Any time wasted in waiting would cause an upgrade level of regret for losing such free passes just ‘like’ that!  Especially, did you hear about the Field Pass? Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team is back with these new Field Passes. It is a whole new reward track system that leverages the best bits of battle passes and team-based featured programs like NBA 2K, and MLB The Show adding more incentives to your XP grinds. Quite awesome right?



And all this for free! Yes, you can level these by playing Madden NFL 23 distinct modes offered right now. Just complete in-game objectives to unlock exclusive players, coaches, uniforms, playbooks, strategy items, and even new program packs everything with a free entry.


Fun Part! With every Field Pass, different objectives and XP progression is loaded. You can win any earned rewards, offered at their level with three different & exciting ways to progress. 


Season Field Passes will get reset at every new MUT season and brings specific missions as new theme programs; 


Competitive Field Passes get reset bi-weekly as rewards including Champs Entry Tokens. These are like competitive modes such as H2H Seasons and MUT Champions where you can flex your expert gaming skills of Madden NFL 23.


Program Field Passes bring new objectives with each new program. It features changes throughout the 2022 NFL season. 


Apart from these Field passes of Madden NFL 23, you can also fill your bags with a lot of MUT freebies. Don’t have any clue about these free offers? No issue. Here is a quick overview of the Ultimate Team's Season 1 rewards.


Kick-Off Season Rewards


The Kick-Off Season of Madden Ultimate Team is coming with 60 blockbuster different tiers of rewards, including 140,000 coins, Elite Packs, Madden Legacy Playbooks, Pro Gameday Packs, and Custom theme team add-ons like the Miami Dolphins 1984 Classic Away Uniform & much more.


Competitive Field Pass Rewards


Competitive Field Pass


Competitive Field Pass is for the headsy gamers who want a Head 2 Head with goons. It will offer you 27 level upgrade with a rewards offer of up to 220,000 coins, Redzone Packs, Touchdown Packs, and an 86 OVR Rookie Premiere Fantasy Pack. The final aim is to win in Solo Battles, H2H Seasons, and MUT Champions. The first Comp Pass expires at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on Monday, August 29th.


Headliners Field Pass Rewards


Headliners Program for Madden 23 features 18 tiers of new rewards, including free items like 175,000 Season XP, 2 86 OVR Headliners Hero Fantasy Packs and 86 OVR Headliners Derrick Brown (DT). Your goal is to include stat-based missions, Win maximum Ws in both House Rules and Solo Battles/H2H. This all hustle can you earn you up to 200 stars in new Headliners Challenges for an Ultimate Team. This debut Program Pass is scheduled to end at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on October 14th. So Hurry Up! Before they swiftly go out of date. 


Hope you already checked out these freebies before they run stale! Madden NFL 23 might own a niche crowd but those members surely are dedicated ones. So prove your determined loyalty towards Madden NFL 23 & dig these free field passes & rewarding tournaments to play this month right now. Surely, you’d be delighted, that someone got your back when it comes to finding latest game offers, free deals & more. So Keep binging Jagran Play for more such interesting news & have a blast in gaming!

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