Check Out Limited Time Offers in Rainbow Six Siege: M.U.T.E. Protocol

Sat, 08 6th 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Hurry Up! Ubisoft has released Rainbow Six Siege’s: M.U.T.E protocol| New offers & modes to claim in August are unlocked now.

Get Ready to score some cosmetics & goodies in Rainbow Six Siege this month. Yeah! Not a bluff. Ubisoft has officially announced a limited-time event exclusively for Rainbow Six Siege called M.U.T.E. Protocol: Flesh and Metal. The event will be available till August 23. So, no more lazy play this time! Get Focused, the Opportunity to unlock new cosmetics and a chance to explore the new mode called ‘Arms Race’ is quite ‘literally’ at your fingertips.


What is Rainbow Six Siege’s: M.U.T.E Protocol Event? 


Rainbow Six Siege: M.U.T.E Protocol mode is a version of the Tower that has been taken over by the Brain. The players have to eliminate the opposing team member to upgrade their armor into a new weapon tier. Though, sadly if you get killed, you’ll be demoted with one weapon tier lower than what you possessed before dying. 


There are multiple power-up options, such as Power Dash, allowing you to run through walls( sounds pretty cool right?) scattered across the map for retrieval.


What is The Final Aim?


The entire game plan is to obtain the highest weapon tier. It is entitled Golden Hammer(Duh!). To have a taste of victory, M.U.T.E players have to use the Golden Hammer to smash the Brain's shield & end the game.


There are numerous organic skins & other cosmetic items featured in this round as follows:

  • Ultimate Uniforms
  • Incredible Headgear
  • Fabulous Weapon Skins
  • Operator Card Portraits

There’s also a Merging Process Bundle, involving:

  • Universal Attachment Skin
  • Signature Weapon Skin
  • Charm( To win your heart wink wink!)
  • Operator Card Background

Wrap Up!

In addition to all these cool goodies to claim in Rainbow Six Siege. You can have the M.U.T.E. Protocol bundle from 2020 too.Yes, it is made available in the store again. Those who’ll buy one or more bundles from the 2020 M.U.T.E Protocol event will become eligible for a free corresponding Operator Card for each bundle. Sounds exciting for any Rainbow Six Siege collector out there. You can also purchase bundles directly for 1680 R6 Credits each. But why spend your credits when you can fill it all in the Operator card. Try out this exciting event to collect thriller rewards from Rainbow Six Siege: M.U.T.E Protocol Event and Thank me later bro!

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