Breaking: Far Cry 6 Has FREE Trial Till Aug 7 With Sale on Deluxe Editions

Mon, 08 22nd 2022, 10:52:43 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Sale! Sale! Sale! There’s a Free Trial Week on Far Cry 6 with shocking discount offers on Season passes & Deluxe editions. Book a cheap deal Right here.

If you were planning to wait for the expensive storm to pass for Far Cry 6, then Salute your smart choice! It has finally yielded some FREE adventures. Till August 7 you have the chance to exploit all the freebies. You can explore open-world shooters for free on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Yeah! It’s true, all for free!


The entire base game along with every bit of free DLC that Ubisoft has released since the launch- You can have it ALL. In fact, there are some incredible sales going on Far Cry for the next few days. You claim up to 60% off if you pick it up after the free-play days. Let’s rush right into the important details about the discount offers blinking over Far Cry 6.


Far Cry 6 Gaming Overview


For those who are still not familiar with the world of Yara, lemme give you a ‘Far Cry 6’ scream to open up your senses! I mean where were you?  Far Cry 6 is a thriller game giving you a ruthless enemy to battle in the form of dictator Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito). To decimate his reign, you trek across the unforgiving island of Yara, with dangerous encampments along the way. The game is super impressive on new-gen platforms and high-end PCs. 

Whether it’s about endless battles or wild adventures of jumping into the fire with overpowered weapons, Far Cry 6 satiates all your action hunger.

Exciting Deals On Far Cry 6 Editions


Though the free-play days will only last till August 7, there are many fabulous ongoing discounts on Far Cry 6 that will last more than your bf(just kidding!). I meant they are in it for the long run! Take a peek at the current sales running over Far Cry 6:

In fact, you can get your hands full with the latest Season Passes and Deluxe game levels too. So take a close and ‘serious’ look at the catalog before making any expensive purchase.

Many experts have checked out the game. They found it an interesting open-world romp that can be enjoyed by both veterans and newcomers. Though No conspicuous new update has been added, there’s enough entertaining content that makes up for its abrupt low price. Talking about the Cons of this game, a well-known critic Phil Hornshaw said-

“Far Cry games have long been gigantic open-world affairs, providing players with all sorts of things to do, from driving different vehicles to flying around with wingsuits to hunting animals to experiencing side missions,”...“As revolutionary guerrilla Dani Rojas, all those options are available to you again in Far Cry 6--and more.”

Wrap Up!


So wait no more, check out your favorite Far Cry 6 editions on Playstation, PC & Xbox and book yourself a cheap thrill that isn’t cheap at all but there are tonnes of thrills waiting for you in Far Cry 6. For more engaging updates, latest games & FREE game Alters! Keep binge ‘exploring’ Jagran Play.

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