Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman Is Modded into Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered| What’d You Say?

Mon, 08 29th 2022, 6:06:23 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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All-time fav character from Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman has been modded into Spiderman’s Remastered| Feels awkward at once to see “Saul Crawl on the wall” rather than handshaking his way further with the iconic dialogue of “Better call Saul”

A highly weird yet interesting mod has landed in the gaming verse. Ours & Probably Netflix's super favorite quaint lawyer Saul Goodman has been modded into Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered. Seems so unthinkable at first right?


I mean Our sleazy Saul jumping up the alleys & hanging upside down from the huge towers! Are you ready for this yet? Don’t know 'bout you but I would seem one of Breaking Bad’s addicted crackheads if I pitched this to anyone right now. But, a daring modder who goes by Arthurvitormb had the guts to turn this into reality.


Lifting up Saul Goodman's character model from the mobile game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, along with some fragments from plonks Jimmy McGill into Sony's acrobatic superhero sim, this modder has created the ‘unthinkable’.


Check this gameplay witnessing Saul Goodman perched atop a skyscraper & swiftly swinging his way amidst the tall buildings. 


For us, it sometimes seems as if Saul isn’t swinging but being pulled by someone else. Probably because this superhero vibe doesn’t suit him at all! He is more of a brainy geek who always finds a way to get out of a crime instead of stopping a crime. The model is also quite blocky and angular taking you back to the PlayStation 2-era Grand Theft Auto game.


Saul Goodman

Still Hat-Off to this modder who came up with this unique adventure. I mean who would have thought about Saul dispersing his cards of-” Better Call Saul” from the ceilings rather than with just a usual handshake? 


You can download this unique mod from here. Though this isn’t the only weird version of Better Call Saul-related mod available on the gaming verse for Marvel's Spider-Man. Another mod merges the Better Call Saul theme with the  Insomniac's game. Have fun with this unique merger & let us know in the comments below what more gaming news, reviews, tips & Esports you’d like to see or read further.

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