BGMI’s New Map Deston is LIVE| Know All About Features, Events & More

Thu, 07 28th 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Abhay

Wanna know what’s new in PUBG's New map Deston? Check out all the detailed features and rewarding events of BGMI’s new map launch at Jagran Play

Battleground Grounds Mobile India or BGMI has released its ravishing 9th new map Deston in the 18.2 updates. Whilst PC players were already enjoying the new features since its release on 13th July 2022. Now, Console players can also cherish the world of Deston with full power!. 


Deston is a thriller 8x8 flooded downtown map infused with outstanding swamps, beautiful coasts, iconic mountains, and secret islands. This battlefield is the first to be released since the game went free-to-play earlier this year. 


The wait is finally over for all the Xbox and PlayStation fans out there!


All-New Features of Deston


Besides a sexy setup of foggy swamps, the tallest skyscrapers you’ve ever witnessed in BGMI, and incredible land & water ambiance. BGMI's new map of Deston has embraced some of the following exciting new features:


1. Ascender Ropes




BGMI Studios development team has added Ascenders ropes to climb up the monstrous skyscrapers & other higher-rise floors of the buildings in Deston. Along with that you also get to enjoy ever-present Parachutes that allow a quick zip-up flight and a graceful landing without any scratches 


2. Airboat



No more extra hustle for separate vehicles in the arena to ride on land & water. This convertible flat airboat will propel you a ride on both land and water. You can easily find your way in this all-new map of PUBG through swamps and shallow/open water with this new vehicle.


3. O12- World’s fastest ShotGun



BGMI’s new map in Console has introduced the world’s fastest shotgun-O12 along with various other new weapons, like the MP9 and SMG. With this deadly combination of heavy damage and a high rate of fire guns, you can easily take down your opponent in both mid- and close-range combat.


Some new vehicles, like the Pillar Car, have also been added to the map. Don’t forget to check out the new Survivor Pass, which players can buy to unlock new cosmetic items. Roam around try on your own, who knows you might some secret cheat codes too!


Time-Limited Reward Events


Event 1: Deston Mission Event


With the arrival, BGMI Studios also brought some exclusive time-limited rewarding events to promote the launch of Deston BGMI's new map. Players can explore the map & win electrifying rewards such as new spray, emote, costume, and Contraband Coupons!


  • Deston Event Schedule

    • PDT: July 21, 2022, 12 a.m. – August 17, 2022, 12 a.m.

    • CEST: July 21, 2022, 9 a.m. – August 17, 2022, 9 a.m.

    • KST: July 21, 2022, 4 p.m. – August 17, 2022, 4 p.m.

Event 2: Console-Only Login Event


Exclusively for Console players, BGMI: Battlegrounds has initiated a Login streak. Those who will log in every day for 10 days will win a Mini14 skin, Contraband Coupons, summer themed costumes, and much more!


  • Deston Log in Event Schedule

    • PDT: July 21, 2022, 12 a.m. – August 3, 2022, 12 a.m.

    • CEST: July 21, 2022, 9 a.m. – August 3, 2022, 9 a.m.

    • KST: July 21, 2022, 4 p.m. – August 3, 2022, 4 p.m.

Wrap Up!




With the already existing OG’s of BGMI maps involving Miramar and Erangel, this newbie Deston from the battle royale is definitely a treat to battle & claim chicken dinners! The urban centers include a downtown area- Ripton. It has the largest sprawls, of the game that is partially submerged in water. 


In fact, the expanded graphical options for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, supporting HD- 4K resolutions is also a big green flag for the gamers to spend extra this month! Well, that’s on your budget plans. But, this engaging blog along with many others at Jagran Play is completely free of cost. So, Do check’em out & let me know what more you’d like to hear’bout gaming?

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