Ultra Wild Racing Game- Wrekfest Will Arrive on Mobile Too

Thu, 09 8th 2022, 7:03:59 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Get ready to drive hard & die hard in this highly adventurous racing game Wreckfest on Mobile| Find Out new what are the new add-on features, destroyer items, custom car models & rewarding championships to drool upon!

The rustic & gripping tale of Wrekfest is going to arrive on Mobile too! Yeah, HandyGames has officially announced that the renowned racing game Wreckfest will entertain mobile users with a highly refined damage model to play. 


Wreckfest has a long list of muscle cars from the '80s, tons of customizations, multiple modes, controller support, and more to impress mobile users at the very first gameplay. And no more dodging the railings this time! As Some of the modes in Wreckfest will reward players in high-speed races for destroying everything around them(with incoming traffic vehicles). Isn’t that a relief for all the high-thrust lovers out there? I’m sure there will be a niche audience who use this vehicle smashing for letting out their anger & stress.


You can pre-register at the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store now for Wreckfest Mobile, whereas the iOS version will land its wonder later on. 



You’ll get the chance to explore derby arenas and smash other vehicles coming at you. You can even enjoy this ‘destroyer-league’ under Multiplayer modes. Let’s make a fight club of racing in this. What do you say?


Apart from becoming the ultimate ‘car smasher’ you can also personalize your cars from American, European, and Asian car models. Reinforcing the vehicle for protection against the damage will also be offered. But any racing geek would know, that it'll slow you down. So choose it wisely.


Seems like the makers are completely in the mood for outright destruction. You can also have tanks, rockets, iron, and more volatile items in your cars for a manifested wrecking. You can also take part in the challenge modes including crop harvesters, lawn mowers, school buses, three-wheelers, and more. Losing from another racing car is one thing but losing from a land mower is definitely an upgraded humiliation. Last but not least! You guys can possess a career mode through which you can earn XP, unlock new upgrades, and earn distinct titles of Wreckfest championships.


So Are you ready to drive hard and die last in this thriller racing game? Yeahhhh! For now, get ahold of its awesome trailer till an official date for the release arrives. For upgraded follow-up on the latest gaming updates, gadget reviews, eSports & Blockchain games visit only Jagran Play. 

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