Top 8 Mobile Games for Couples to Play Online 2022

Fri, 07 22nd 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Abhay
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Check out these top 8 Mobile games for couples to play online. Adventures can become a daily dose in your relationship with these popular games to play with your girlfriend.



We are all already glued to our smartphone screens. Endless fights are based on gaming for long hours on your phones. Especially being blamed for “not giving enough time to the special ones”. How about you strengthen your romantic bond & enjoy the games all along? Yes, it is possible. 


Here is a refined mixture of online games involving first-person shooters (FPS), role-playing games (RPG), platformers, racing games, puzzlers, etc. to spice up your relationship. Without any extra fuss let’s dive into the arena of 8 amazing phone games to play with your girlfriend or girlfriend‘s’ in 2022.


List of 8 Easy Android Games for Couples to Play


1. Ludo Superstar


Obviously, you’ve played this classic game many times before. Even, I remember annoying my siblings for an extra dice spill! Definitely, this popular online mobile game for couples will also stir some adventures in your relationship. 


Though, you can discuss who beats the dice first (Tough choice I know!). You can select your lucky colors in dice and get ready to win the game. And, as we all know whosoever reaches the house first, will ace the game. Jagran Play also offers some exciting versions of Ludo as well, so do check it out!


2.  Happy Couple


As the name suggests, Happy Couple is a quiz-style game that can pour some fun moments into your relationship. In fact, this mobile game for couples has been a life-changing wonder for various long-distance relationships. 


Every day, you and your partner can take part in its answering round related to one another. Break the ice, with a list of six categories involving sex, emotion, communication, information, responsibilities, and recreation to discuss. Just predict their answers before they do, and win points for each correct response matching with your partner. Rewarded points will further unlock new challenges to conquer.


3. Ultimate Dart


Ultimate Dart, inspired by an eternal classic game, brings the feel ‘literally’ to your fingertips. Dart throwing has been an age-old trick to show off in the bars after all. Whether it's about aiming darts onto the boards or pitching good pick-up lines. This couple's mobile game for parties is always a hit! 


Your scores are based on the area of the Dartpad where it lands. Couples can definitely enjoy this classic online game whenever or wherever they want. You can play this mobile game free of cost at Jagran Play too. 


4. Sims

Sims is an alternative universe game that is perfect for couples who love exploring. You can design your personalized characters, create your own house and even go out with your partner in the Sims world to explore more adventures. 


It’s like building and playing in a completely new virtual world where you can chat, meet & greet other people online. Many recommend trying this amazing phone game for couples over a double date. 


5. Raid: Shadow Legends


If you are an action duo then, Raid: Shadow legends is one of the most popular dark fantasy games you should try. Settled in an online world of Teleria, you can recruit the forces of Light and Darkness. Fighting together to save the world can definitely become your relationship goal on weekends if you like.


Mobile games for free with over 400 warriors, 14 playable factions, and team-building strength, to take over formidable foes is the highlighting feature of this mobile game to play with a girlfriend. Iconic battles, a fabulous arena to challenge other teams, and a bucket full of upgrades will surely soothe both of your inner gaming geeks.  


6. Thimbleweed Park


If you have been binge-watching Stranger Things then you will surely love this android game. Thimbleweed Park's story revolves around five seemingly unconnected individuals who later find themselves drawn to a town, that holds a deep connection with their existence. Sounds familiar right? 


A deeply engaging neo-noir mystery set in 1987, filled with humor, an engaging storyline, and satisfying puzzles checks all the boxes of adventure when it comes to the best mobile games to play with your girlfriend.


7. Legends of Runeterra


Legends of Runeterra is a very cool card game that you can play free of cost online. You just have to collect cards from nine regions of Runeterra and level up your Champions gradually. Solving the riddles with your beloved is surely a unique romantic tour you can enjoy in this famous mobile game for couples


Earn Champion Mastery crests and bigger rewards to purchase packs with Wildcards and Shards. There are plenty of different endings you can discover while playing as a couple. Regular updates, like the Worldwalker expansion, always keep the game addictive & electrifying.


8. Heads Up!


One of the most hilarious and my all-time favorite guessing games is Heads Up. This is a co-op game where a perfect duo shines in the game. One player selects a random card from a deck that is further mocked up by the other player for guessing. 


The player doing the guessing has to hold the device on their foreheads so that it is visible to the partner providing the clues. The objective is to successfully guess the contents of the card being displayed. This game to play with your girlfriend also builds a healthy dynamic with your partner. Sometimes, all the wrong guesses are much funnier than the actual word. It can also be a multiplayer game based on your preferences.

Wrap Up! 

Gaming with your friends might be fun but gaming with your beloved is just another ride full of exciting twists and turns. It is also one of the best opportunities to introduce your girlfriend to games if she is not that into gaming! Don't forget to share this list of 8 amazing mobile games for couples with your lover.


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