Top 7 Mobile Games Chat Apps That You Should Play

Wed, 08 3rd 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Shahroz
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Check out these Top 7 Mobile games with chat features to enjoy. Adventures can be your daily dose with these 7 Mobile game chat apps to play.


Got no ice breakers to start the conversations? How about you introduce these 7 popular mobile games with chat features to your friends or girlfriend. It would spark up an interesting spin in your discussions and you’d never get bored further! Especially when you are tackling long-distance relationships, these games are super helpful. 

So dive right into this concoction of fantastic android game chat apps that keep your chatting & gaming in a complete balance. Without any extra fuss let’s find out which mobile games with chat rooms will fit your mood?

List of 7 Best Mobile Games with Chat Rooms to Enjoy


1. Ludo King

Ludo King Game



Who would have missed this old classic that made millions in the times of Covid by going digital! Founded by the Indian gaming company, Gametion Technologies, Ludo King is one of the top android games with Chat features that has impressed people worldwide. 


Indians might be very familiar with this dice game but the global population has also been immensely glued since it got released. You can play, chat, banter & even talk over voice chats while playing Ludo with your friends throughout the world.


2. Plato


Plato: Games & Group Chats possess numerous group games where you can participate with other users. Despite having just one option this cool mobile game offers you multiple options to choose from. No, wonder it is considered one of the best game chat apps to play in 2022.


This game can suit all kinds of moody players. Whether, it is about easy sea battles, nerdy poker games, mini-golf, football, or the mystic werewolf game. This chat app game has got you covered. It has even a matchmaking system where you can meet with other personalities according to your concerns.


3. Roblox




Roblox is one of the coolest mobile games with a chat feature that has won my heart!  It has an entire virtual universe where you can explore and recreate your complete identity.  And wait, it’s not over yet! You get multiple virtual worlds & communities to chat. Isn’t it amazing?


You can explore, take part in events, and even start your own ones further as well. For more fun, there are several mini-games that you can play within the game. Once you become a Pro! You can also build your own game here. Talk over the built-in chat feature & enjoy the group conversations.


4. MapleStory M


If you are a seeker of Medieval setting games then you’d love Maplestory M. This app is a follow-up version of MapleStory universe games. In this, you get to meet a new character a girl-archer who finds your way further. Check out their knights, mage, archer, or another hero.


As the game is multiplayer, you are all free to play with your fellows and compete at higher levels. Just find the relics and enjoy this free online game with chat feature.


5. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena


Lady popular is a popular online chat game with avatars that will charm your heart! All the fashion lovers out there can definitely binge over this beauty. It allows the users to create their unique fashion styles and communicate with other fashion geeks online. 


You can generate your own model. Starting several apparel and hairstyle options you get to unlock many more enchanting designs while playing. It has various mini-games inside. From building your dream house to a job and love life, you can create everything here. In fact, the other avatars have real people behind with whom you can interact and get inspired via chats. Fashion skills are after all 50% about socializing with other icons out there.


6. Habbo

Habbo Game



Habbo – Virtual World is another intimidating mobile game with pixelized game aesthetics. It allows you to play and meet up with new people globally. You can also personalize every little detail about your avatar. 


Take part in regular live events and challenges going on in the gamers community here. Game up your conversation skills in their build-in chat feature without even leaving the game. 


7. PlayJoy 


For all the board game lovers out there! I’ve got an enchanting PlayBoy for ya! PlayJoy is an exciting game app with chat rooms to enjoy. Classic old games like Parcheesi, UNO, Chinchon, Dominoes, etc. all are available for free.


You can communicate with the player within the match. Participate in rankings & do more. The daily challenge comes with a chance to win prizes, earn points, and compete with other players around the world. You can even make your own list of companions with whom you’d like to play.


Wrap Up! 


Gaming with your friends might be fun but how amazing that would be if you can chat with’em while playing? Especially, those you miss a lot. Try your hands at these 7 best mobile game chat apps to play where you can bring all those long-lost buddies a bit closer.

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