Top 7 Games Releasing In August 2022 You’ll Regret Missing

Fri, 08 5th 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Shahroz
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Getting Bored with old games? Check Out These 7 Latest Games Releasing in August 2022| List include Spiderman Remastered, Cult of the Lamb, Saints Row & More.

Are you bored from playing the old classic games over-n-over again? Let’s stir some fun! Here’s a list of exciting new games for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, that are going to be launched in August. Some titles have already gained much uproar like Saints Row or Marvel's Spider Man Remastered.


Yes! When a lineup of games releasing in August looks like this, you don’t wanna miss the thrill. There’s a retro compilation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' with the weirdly addictive games such as The Cult of Lamb and much more. We have the greatest hits filling this list of games headlining in August below. Check them out!


List of 7 Must-Try Games Launching in August


1. Cult of the Lamb (August 11)

Cult of the Lamb Game


Sounds unique right? Well Cult of the Lamb is an enchanting game that will sparkle your heart from every pixel. They have an immortal soul of a lamb who started a cult in order to repay a life debt to the underworld. 


To explore this wonder, be ready to grab this famous game in August. Gather a mass of devoted believers, and use them to get rid off the world of false lamb gods. It is an adventurous ride that is coming to PC and consoles this month. Don’t miss out!


2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (August 12)


Who would have missed this Marvel announcement after all? Sony has churned out an all new console-exclusive Spiderman game for PC to play. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, is a fresh take on the spiderman world and it will be originally released on PS5.


It comes with tons of new graphical options, all of the superb DLC, and support for DualSense controllers will make this game even more engaging. No need to mention that it is the epic hit game releasing in August and every Marvel fan should try this adventure.


3. Two Point Campus (August 9)

Two Point Campus Game


At first glance this new game for August might look a bit boring. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be addicted to this entirely. The game is all about establishing a university that can churn out bright minds from its knowledgeable walls. 


Plus you need to make a few bucks in the process to keep the university running. You have to overcome various thrilling challenges. With the help of right faculties and unique strategies, I’m sure you will slay this game in a beat! 


4. Rollerdrome (August 16)


If you are a fan of Indie roller skating games then Rollerdome is your Jam!  It is a unique mix of partly skating and partly bloodsport gaming. For unleashing your athletic beast this is the perfect PC game releasing in August to enjoy.


You can try all kinds of deadly stunts to level up your score. The developers have rolled out a dark and dystopian world for their users to explore in which athletes fight till death to achieve a win.


5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga (August 30)


Who would have imagined that tedious turtles can be an avatar for a notorious Ninja? But after a successful series of movies & gaming everyone adores this combination. With a team of 13 TMNT games from yesteryear who won your heart across multiple platforms.


Check out this new PC game release in August entitled Cowabunga Collection. Featuring sharper visuals, rewind features to revive you from that horrible underwater level of the NES TMNT game, and plenty of archival materials. TMNT is the best game in August to play.


6. Saints Row (August 23)

Saint Row Game


With many fans eagerly waiting for the release of this game in August. Saints Row’s developer Volition is highlighting the streets in this new romp starring the crew in purple. All you need to know is that Saints are back, and the chaos of defrauding insurance companies, and establishing a criminal empire are bigger than ever. 


There’s unhinged violence, deeper characters, and a tonne of personalized options, coming up in new Saints Row.It would surely be a nostalgic blast that will blows your mind from its modern conveniences added.


7. Cursed to Golf (August 18)


This time Gold won’t be as relaxing as you know it. Cursed to Golf is a side-scrolling roguelike game with colorful visuals and challenging levels. You have to complete each hole with a par, otherwise you're sent back to the beginning. 


With four biomes, branching paths, and more than 70 dungeons to conquer, Cursed to Golf is an addictive arena you don’t wanna leave. Cursed to Golf is the best console and PC game launching in August that you shouldn’t miss. You can also claim a free demo on Steam.


Wrap Up!


Go ahead! Get yourself ready to slam this month with an amazing adventure ride of these 7 incredible games releasing in August. There’s an unending stream of free games available on Jagran Play as well. Till then explore these charming rides.


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