Top 7 Free Mobile Games For Your Kids To Play

Fri, 08 5th 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Shahroz
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Check out these top 7 free mobile games for kids to play | Pour your kid’s creativity into the world of mobile gaming | Who knows your house has the next gamer?

Nowadays, it is hard to separate your kids from smartphones. Especially the long hours of crying and banter really affect both the guardians & kids. How about you find some interactive free android games for kids that will entertain & enhance their imagination power altogether.


Here’s a list of 7 Must-Try Mobile Games for Kids that ensures a good screen time & satiates the gaming desires of your kids too. Without any extra bluff let’s see what your moody kid will choose from this insightful list of adventurous mobile games!


List of 7 Mobile Games to Thrill Your Kids 


1. Pokémon Playhouse


Pokémon has been a rocking game since boomers were glued to gaming. Whether it was card games, video games, or animation series Pokemon has always been a star performer. 


You kids will definitely love exploring locations with cute Pokémons aside. Kids can even enjoy the same grooming aspect that was available for adults introduced by the Tamagotchi game. Several mini-games, specially designed for kids between the ages of 3 to 5 will serve your kids with great wonder.




Why not introduce your kids to your ‘own’ favorite? PAC MAN has always been a nostalgic place for us. Kids also love PAC MAN’s simple animation & dynamic gaming style. Stocked with a plethora of maze designs and obstacles, it would be a perfect pick under free mobile games for kids to play. 


Just swallow all the Pac-dots and be aware of the pesky Ghost Gang. That’s how simple it is! You can unleash your creativity through this newer version. Just Unlock, restore, and customize your new arcade and build an imaginative neighborhood arcade. 


3. Pet Bingo


You might have played Bingo many times during your road trips or while waiting for long hours in the old age centers with your granny! But Pet Bingo brings a whole new twist to this old classic. It is an amazing free online game for kids to play from Duck Duck Moose Co. 


It is a quirky mix of a pet simulator, bingo, and a math play. The kids will encounter simple maths puzzles. Solving these problems will be rewarded with cute little animals that your kids have to look after, just like their own pets. It is one of the best free android games for 5 yr olds to play.


4. Minecraft


Whoever wants to offer their kids a blank canvas in this digital era should introduce their kids to this amazing adventure. Players begin their journey in an empty world where they have the freedom to create whatever they like!


You can mine and craft endless buildings, bridges, planes, or whatever your mind imagines! Letting your kids get imaginative at younger age can really enhance their intellectual & imaginative minds.


5. Townscaper


Townscaper is a popular sandbox game that takes your Minecraft skills to another level.  A chance to create exotic Italian cities in the middle of the ocean is definitely a wholesome experience for any kid. 


It is one of the best mobile games for kids to play in 2022. Even I’ve seen several adults get addicted to this game. It has very simple navigation & working. 


6. How Are Things Made?


I am sure by far now, you’ll be annoyed with the endless questions of the little fellows about the entire world. Share this workload with this intriguing mobile game for kids. 

Children can get all their answers about how things are made?


Discover where the chocolate comes from, How bread is prepared & much more. Now everytime your kid starts wondering hand them over your smartphone with this incredible app at our rescue. 


7. Pythagorea


Do you see the next math prodigy in your kid? Well if your kid finds numbers difficult or wants to see a twist in basic math. Then, give’em Pythagorea! It is a collection of geometry puzzles that can be solved without any complex constructions or calculations. 


All shapes are drawn on a grid divided into little squares. Many levels just need a little intuition or simple math to get through.  Regularity and symmetry will become your kid’s favorite subjects after playing this popular mobile game for kids.


Wrap Up! 


Pheww! That’s it for now. Go ahead and bribe your kid with these interesting and educational mobile games. It is also one of the best opportunities to introduce your kids to a digital world full of creativity & wonder! No! It won’t be shameful even if being an adult you adore one of these 7 thriller mobile games for kids to play.


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