Top 5 Free Raksha Bandhan Games To Play With Siblings 2022

Wed, 08 10th 2022, 6:10:09 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Check out these 5 exciting free games to play on Raksha Bandhan with your siblings & create more chances to lure more money from your brother this time!

Rakshabandhan- is one of the biggest & cutest festivals in India that honors the bond of a brother and sister. According to Hindu Calendar, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the Purnima Tithi in the month of Shravana or a month dedicated to Lord Shiva. 


Tradition follows the ceremony, where the sister ties a knot of sacred thread or ‘Rakhi’ over, the brother’s wrist as a mark of protection from evil. And in return brothers gift their sister money or something else signifying their loving bond. To make this fun festival more joyful how 'bout you add these 5 must-try free games to play on Rakhi? In your festive itineary. It will definitely add more charm & laughter to your family gathered on Rakshabandhan. 


List of 5 Free Games to Play on Raksha Bandhan


1. Ticket to Ride



If you have played monopoly and you find it boring or too complex that your elder brother or sister teases you throughout Rakshabandhan for being a dumb sibling. Then Ticket to Ride is your opportunity to derail them this time! It is a classic board game that you can play over a free mobile app too.


Since it is a multiplayer game you can also add your Mom, dad & other cousins to make it even more exciting. You can enjoy this online game of Rakshabandhan across different devices and challenge your brothers with full power! Who knows, more money might come your way if you beat your brother to this?


2. Chotta Ludo 

Who can deny Ludo after all? This is the best pass time or money laundering game you can play during festivals. Especially when the entire family is around Rakhi, Chotta Ludo is the best way to gather a fun crowd.


You don’t even have to download its app. Just visit and you can play Chotta ludo with your brother & friends all for free. This time your moves will not be dodged by your brother, or he can’t even steal your final dices. It’s all on the phone. No cheating No chaos!


3. Jeopardy



Siblings are the first impression of Jeopardy whenever the bantering goes out of hand! But this is a classic Rakhi game you can play this festive season. See who’s got more quick reflexes when it comes to trivia questions.


Or Let’s see how smart your sister is, as she always gets praised for good marks right!! Download the mobile app of Jeopardy and challenge your siblings on Raksha Bandhan. It will be a head-to-head match. Pair up other cousins on a video call, and you’ll a great laugh from everyone.


4. Wheel of Fortune



We’ve all been caught in that big money prize game that spins a wheel to get the most luxury items. Just replace those elite gifts with funny, daring tasks. That’s what a wheel of fortune game brings to the table.


Time to tie the knot of Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan 2022 is the perfect opportunity to dare your brother or sister with these witty tasks. You can also invite your family members to play a few rounds on this “Wheel of Fortune”. It is a free mobile app that you can download without any extra charges.


5. Heads Up



For all the “The Ellen Degeneres Show” fans I might not have to further explain this exciting game to play on Rakhi. But for all those who are still clueless, Heads Up is a guessing game where you have to guess the word, character, song, or film that’s shown on the smartphone screen. And you have to hold it on your forehead.


Both you and your sister or brother have to download the app to their phone. You guys will have to take turns while holding the app to your head and guess your way to victory. Check how much bonding your siblings hold amongst each other through this thriller-free game to play on Rakshabandhan.


Wrap Up!


Hope you are bantering & enjoying this fabulous festival of Rakshabandhan with your siblings & other family members. There’s a lot more fun to explore on Jagran Play that you can enjoy once you get done with these amazing 5 free online games to play on Rakhi.


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