Top 5 Free Educational Game Websites for Kids to Play Online

Tue, 01 24th 2023, 6:04:21 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar

Get ready to make the process of learning for kids more exciting. Try these 5 Popular Educational Websites for Children (Free) where your kids can learn Maths, literature, history  & more through lively games.

Nowadays, it's hard to separate kids from smartphones. Even adults find it exhausting, so we can't blame little children for it. Still, learning shouldn't suffer due to such harmful trends of digital evolutions especially for growing kids. Take advantage of some free educational games available online. 

Educational games offer engaging games that smartly incorporate academics & yield a fun way of learning. Through such incredible games online, kids can learn more, without exhausting themselves under heavy textual data of books. So, cheer up your kids with these 5 amazing educational games sites & thank me later!

1. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic might have been known to adults for its awesome informative content. But you might be amazed to find out that they offer incredible free games for kids too. Gear Up! and let your kids dwell into 100+ fun, engaging, and safely interactive learning materials, formulated in the form of games at NatGeo Kids. They offer a wide variety of action, adventure, geography, quizzes, and puzzles for kids to enjoy.

National Geographic Kids offers some of the best educational games for preschoolers to learn. Under a free gaming hub, games like Wildest Weather, On the Trail of Captain John Smith, and The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom are great treats for your children to play & learn.

2. Funbrain

Funbrain was created for children in grades K. Though, Lil older kids can also learn & have a thrill with Funbrain games. They offer a great selection of fun and interactive games focused on math, literacy, and reading skills. 

It is one of the free educational games for preschoolers where children not only get to play but also read a variety of popular books and comics at the site.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia Writes Again, and Brewster Rocket, are some of the best classics that entertain your kid on Funbrain & help them academically.

3. BBC CBeebies

BBC has a wide set of verticals to serve its users. Amongst these, CBeebies is an amazing educational game website for kids to savor. It offers interactive games and digital activities revolving around math, history, mathematics, music, and art. 

One of the best parts about this educational game is that they’ve divided it into age-based categories. Through these, you can easily locate a suitable game for your kid. Though animations of all the games are super appealing to kids.

4. PBS Games for Kids

PBS KIDS formulates curriculum-based entertainment for small children. It is one of the famous education game sites for elementary students under literary and media franchises. For the ease of teachers or parents, the games are also divided into themes including math, healthy habits, science, reading, and teamwork.

Games such as Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Sesame Street, etc. can become your personal favorite quite in some time. So go ahead & give your kids some cool games to play

5. Bamboozle

If your kid has been struggling with vocabulary or you wish to enhance his/her knowledge of literature then Bamboozle is the perfect educational game to play for free. It is a great online browser game focused on vocabulary building. 

Bamboozle is super easy, great for all grade levels, and you can play various titles in the same classes as its games are random. Just select the number of teams and the number of questions you wish to pursue. Further, you have to configure points and additional game options only. Bamboozle games can be configured from scratch. Hence don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Hope y'all are pumped up to upgrade your kid's learning module with these amazing educational websites that make the process of studying more fun. To get more gaming updates keep binging our Jagran Play Blogs. Do tell us what more you'd like to know about games? We'd be grateful to help. 

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