Sony’s Latest PS5 Advertisement Might’ve Teased New Uncharted 5

Wed, 1st Feb 2023 17:32:56 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar

Video Clips of Sony's latest PS5 Ad uphold various game titles like God of War Ragnarök, Horizon & more. But there’s one clip that stands out & gaming experts are suggesting it is a perfect tease for upcoming Uncharted 5 game. Check Now.

New PS5 Advertisement could be teasing upcoming Uncharted 5 game

A new Sony PS5 Advertisement is being spotted under the radars of the gaming community for spilling the ‘accidental’ teaser of Uncharted 5. The latest Ad titled “Live from PS5”, featured clips of several released and upcoming PlayStation game titles such as God of War, Horizon, Spider-Man & more. They were shown through live-action news reports in which reporters themselves were inside the game.

Out of this completely unique action, fans got thrilled when they spotted a recognizable new clip, that stood out & didn’t match with any released game of Sony. Later the clip was rumored around as a teaser of the Uncharted 5 game holding vivid similarities from the Uncharted 4’s last storyline.

As you can see, the Sony PS5 promo clip gave an awesome depiction of its new series. Amidst that spot, the part where a young woman in a cave, finding her way towards an ancient artifact with a flaming torch is seen. Along with that, she is also seen blowing the dust off that artifact. It's a treasure for all the Uncharted 5 Fans who can connect the dots yielding its arrival on Sony soon.

Surely all of this is under an unannounced project. Sony only revealed this in a blog, quoting-

“This new spot hints at the breadth of extraordinary experiences taking place in the PS5 universe through the style of a live news channel. See if you can spot all the game references.”

How does Sony’s Ad Clip Matches with Uncharted 5?

Uncharted 5 Sony Teaser

For those who don’t know, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PS4 ended with a monologue leaving the playable Cassie Drake: Daughter of series protagonists Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. She was the one who inherited ancient memorabilia from her parents’ past adventures. This part glues perfectly well, with the one you spot in Sony’s PS5 Ad of a girl dusting off an ancient box now. To put it into perspective,

Naughty Dog clearly implies its potential future plans for the series through a Twitter post.


Uncharted 4 ended with Cassie (Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s daughter) finding relics that her parents collected in their past adventures. And gradually, Drake (the father) explains the significance of those artifacts to Cassie. It easily leads to the speculation that Cassie will now be the protagonist of future Uncharted games, upholding the legacy of her parents.

While Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann said last week officially that they’ve “moved on” from the Uncharted series, giving space to the idea that someone else will be handling Uncharted 5, most probably Sony now (if this supposed rumor of its teaser turns real). And for those who are wondering why utilize Uncharted, then let us inform you that Uncharted 4 managed to sell 16 million copies already.  Along with that, its Hollywood film adaptation grossed close to four times its budget, clearly stating the immense demand & engagement it possesses.

Times when movie, TV, and game industries are receiving heavy competition much before their established franchises release. It’s hard to see Uncharted, Sony’s recent hot streak in first-party development, being left in the vault. Let’s see what comes out of this “accidental” leak of the Uncharted 5 teaser in Sony’s PS5 latest Ad.

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