Netflix Planning to Expand Mobile-Exclusive Games for TVs

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Mar 31st, 2023 04:28 PM  

Being a dominant force in the world of movie & series streaming Netflix is looking to expand its games for TV users. Find out how the OTT giant is planning to offer games that can convert mobile games to controllers. 

Immensely popular streaming service Netflix is planning to explore a unique world of gaming where it may go beyond your casual mobile games. They started ‘Netflix Games’, in 2021 when the company was going through a rough patch due to the decline in its audience. 

Now it seems to be slaying both the world of gaming & movie streaming quite perfectly. With an impressive collection of titles, Netflix Games has a prominent presence on smartphones and tablets. And, with this insight, we are quite sure that Netflix has all the plans to conquer your TVs as well.

Famous App developer Steve Moser informed Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman of a new code he spotted in the Netflix app for mobile. Amongst those codes, one line suggested Netflix Games is coming to TV quite literally-

"A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?"

Netflix Games on TV


This method of converting the mobile phone into a controller has been hyped before by a renowned Swiss-based company- AirConsole. Since the company was an emerging venture it didn’t receive much attention apart from cracking a deal with BMW for its video games. These games were playable on the giant curved digital infotainment display offered with the latest BMW cars.

Who knows if AirConsoles has finally collaborated with Netflix for these TV games that can be controlled with a mobile? Presently, Netflix’s users on smartphones and tablets enjoy both Netflix Games and its never-ending list of shows and movie streaming. On the other hand, users on TV are stuck with just movies & streaming. Probably to curb these demands Netflix might bring games that users can play on the big screen while navigating the controls through their mobile phone converted into a temporary controller. 

If that is going to happen then TV users are in for a BIG treat with support for a high-quality gaming experience from Netflix. Allowing Netflix Games to fill the shoes of Google’s long-gone Stadia might happen in the coming future too.

For now, Netflix declined and didn’t comment officially anything, but the expansion for Games on TV seems like the super logical step for the brand further. Let’s see how this goes ahead for Netflix

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