Minecraft Finally Turns Off its Most Annoying Feature in the Latest Update

Wed, 01 25th 2023, 3:20:24 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar

Minecraft’s annoying feature of auto-jump, which has irritated many players before has been finally cured in the latest update of Minecraft. Read More to find out. 

Minecraft has been a wonderland for so many creative minds. But, one irritating default feature of this ‘Mojang Creation has vexed many players. Worry Not! As the latest snapshot 23W03A for Minecraft has announced exhilarating news for all the Minecraft users

The auto-jump has been disabled by default. Along with other minor updates like a fix for armor stands retaining its custom names when broken and the addition of arrow key controls for menu navigation, the auto-jump feature in the latest Minecraft updates has been turned off by default.

It was brought from the Pocket Edition to Java in the 1.10 update back in 2016. The auto-jump as stated launches the character up whenever it bumps into basically anything. This annoying feature might be relatable to all those Assassin's Creed victims who find their overly active characters constantly sticking to walls against the player's will. Similarly 

Issues Due to Minecraft’s Default Auto-Jump ON

Minecraft consistently forcing the players to jump off at situations where the players might not choose, has been a constant struggle for many due to auto-jump. This feature has even thrown people off the cliffs and scaffolding during construction. In short, it makes the player's life a living hell on Minecraft! Each new major update, reinstall, or even a fresh install of Minecraft mods somehow never found a cure for this irritating chaos. Instead, many caused mildly annoying havoc with auto-jump turned back on by default.

Though it is a significant feature for gamers with a wide variety of disabilities, and it's still going to be available for anyone who needs it or for those who just want it the ‘old fashioned way’ (Are you guys' even human!)

For turning auto-jump back on, just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. From in-game ESC menu or Minecraft’s main menu open the options menu

  2. From submenu open the "Controls" options.

  3. Drag "Auto-Jump: OFF" to set it back to ON.

  4. Choose "Done" and Viola its Back On!

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