Microsoft's Plan for PC Cloud Gaming Leaked Via Internal Emails

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 19th, 2023 16:09 IST

Unlocking Secrets: Microsoft's Game-Changing PC Cloud Gaming Plan Exposed in Leaked Emails! Discover the inside scoop on their revolutionary approach to cloud gaming that's set to redefine the industry.

Currently, Microsoft offers game streaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming, limited to Xbox titles due to specialized Xbox Series X chips in the servers. However, Microsoft aims to expand by using Azure servers to stream PC games too.

In July 2021, amid rumors of Google turning Stadia into a white-label cloud gaming service, an email thread involving CEO Satya Nadella, Xbox chief Phil Spencer, Kareem Choudhry (head of cloud gaming), and Sarah Bond (head of Xbox creator experience) was leaked. This email exchange contains crucial information supporting Company's plan to stream PC cloud games.

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When Nadella inquired, 

“Seems like they will have a leg up because their stuff is more generic Linux VMs + Network.... But I am assuming we will do the same for Game Pass PC – right?”. 

Spencer promptly responded within an hour, confirming the development of an Azure solution for streaming native PC games live, potentially offering a white-label cloud gaming service to developers and publishers.

He said- “Google has the ability to reuse their Linux cloud hardware and yes as we stream PC native games from an Azure GPU SKU we would have more re-use scenarios to recoup costs,” 

Choudhry, in the same email thread, agreed with Spencer, saying-

“Phil is correct. Sarah [Bond] and I in partnership with Jason’s [Zander] team are driving a suitable Azure SKU... as part of a series that will serve the customer demand we see externally for IAAS and to run our xCloud PC streaming stack,”  indicating that Microsoft had been working on streaming PC games over the cloud in July 2021.

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While progress on Xbox Live Gaming slowed within Microsoft over the past year, and plans for a dedicated subscription version were scrapped, the rising popularity of cloud gaming in the market may accelerate Microsoft's efforts. For the latest updates on gaming, gadgets, esports, game reviews, and blockchain games, stay tuned with Jagran Play blogs. We're also eager to hear your gaming interests, so please share them in the comments below. We’d surely get back to it! Download our latest Jagran Play App. Enjoy limitless gaming & more cashback offers at your fingertips. See You on the App-side then! Bye.


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