GTA Online for PC Bug Alert: Hackers Exploit Player's Personal Data & Account Info

Wed, 01 25th 2023, 12:57:15 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar

Recent bug reported in the GTA Online PC version of Rockstar Games has shaken up the entire GTA gamers. The bug compromises players' private information, gameplay, and even gamers’ hardware altogether. Read More

When various Grand Theft Auto Online PC users started pinging this exploit all over social media, including Tez2. He is an old acquaintance of the Rockstar Games online community. Further, various gaming websites reported it to warn users about the massive security threat from GTA Online on PC.

Tez 2 informed everyone about the security breach that allowed third parties to remotely alter users' data. Eventually, it’ll lead to the corruption of game statistics, and bank accounts details. Even players could be easily blocked from the game forever.

GTA Online for PC Bug Damages

Initial damages from the GTA PC bug exploit were supposedly resetting players’ statistics, content, and levels being lost earned over the years. While the worst that could happen to a player would be the theft of not only the game account but also the player's personal and banking information. 

While the new extremes allowed hackers to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently exploit your account aka ban/delete players' access forever. It is immensely threatening for sure!

Rockstar Games is Resolving the Issue

Yesterday, Rockstar games officially confirmed the exploit & informed players about their “aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update” 

They also offered a Rockstar Support website for those who experienced any related issues, 

Under a Warning Update: It was informed that the bug only affects the PC version of GTA Online, so console players shouldn’t worry.

Temporary Solution to Avoid Data Breach on GTA V

During the kick-and-crash exploits found in the game in December 2022, @Speyedr offered helpful tips for PC players to tackle such threatening situations.

Gamers can save their data with the following tips to work around until Rockstar officially gets rid of the new exploits:

  • Get Guardian 1.54 Fast Load Fix from Gitlab

  • Choose Locked Session

Though, this method works only for single players, solo sessions, or non-host gamers in an online session. Therefore, if anyone attempts it as a session host, Guardian will prevent them from joining. Hacking, cheating, or leaking in the GTA series is nothing new. But the future risks this exploit presents are really big. Hence, avoid playing without a firewall or playing at all!" says user Tez2. In case of other latest news related to gaming, gadgets, esports and blockchain games. Stay tuned with Jagran Play Blogs. We’d be thrilled to hear your response. Tell us what more you’d like to know about gaming on our socials

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