Exciting Nintendo Switch Bear and Breakfast Game Trailer Out Now

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 1st, 2022 11:09 IST
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Awesome Nintendo Switch game- Bear & Breakfast Game released a new trailer for its fans| Find Out what’s new in Bear & Breakfast along with Extra Features & Options to Play right here! Exactly just..just click it bruh!


Turning this weird & cute idea into reality Nintendo has dropped the trailer for Bear and Breakfast. It is a chill-out management adventure game for Nintendo Switch users. It allows you to build and run a bed and breakfast joint in the middle of woods as a Bear. 


The Bear named Hank and his friends one day found an abandoned shack and, under sheer enthusiasm of teenager they decided to turn it into a money-making business of bed and breakfast for tourists. But, once expectedly the business begins to grow so do the mysteries of the forest. Hank soon becomes a secreter buster of the forests as the plot deepens than the wilderness itself.



What More You Get in Bear & Breakfast?


Not only selling, but this fluffy bear will be able to build and personalize the inn with dozens of guest rooms, bathrooms, parlors, and entertainment on the line.  Whereas, each room can get a whole custom makeover ranging from furniture to fixtures Everything Means Everything!


All you have to do is welcome guests with a cute smile and let them stay at your inn. Keep 'em happy & satisfied to maintain your reputation, earn lots of money and attract new customers! There will be extra rewards for solving the side quests and storylines as an added perk for your inn. Apparently, this world is full of lore, side quests, characters, and secrets that any real bear might even love! So test yourself. Are You bear enough to find the deepest secrets of forests? Play & Explore.


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