Check Out 7 Best Janmashtami Games To Play For Parties 2022

Wed, 08 17th 2022, 5:48:02 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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On the auspicious Janmashtami celebrations try these 7 great games to play at Janmashtami Kitty party or get togethers| Get more free tips for Janmashtami Party here

Janmashtmi is a surreal Hindu festival that is commemorated to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. It is also known as Gokulashtami. If you are wondering when is Janmashtami this year? Or what to arrange this time for, Janmashtami Kitty party games? Then worry not! You’ve landed at the right Gokul Bruh!  The celebration of Janmashtami date is on 18th August 2022 & will continue till 19th August 2022.


When the entire nation will be intoxicated from the Krishna Leela on the 8th day of Bhadrapada according to the Hindu calendar. Here are some 7 great game ideas for you to enjoy the  Krishna Janmashtami theme party full of adventure & thrill. Let’s dive deeper into the Handi of excitement then!


List of 7 Fun Games to Play on Janmashtami


1. Garland Quest 


Any Pooja for Janmashtami can’t be complete without the beautiful garlands or Maala that we put on Lord Krishna’s neck. In this exciting game for Janmashtami, you can challenge all the players to make a garland with flowers.  The host will give 10 to 15 flowers, 1 needle, and a thread to every member. The one who completes making a beautiful Maala for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami early will be the winner. Make sure you bring different kinds of flowers to keep the games interesting.


2. Krishna Crown Making


If you are hosting a really artistic or crafty crowd, then keep this fun game for Janmashtami definitely on your list. The host will put all the necessary stationary such as golden paper, ribbons, beads, decorative stones, mirrors, glitter, scissor, glue, staplers, and peacock feathers on the table. Everyone will be given the same material for making crowns in 10 minutes. Whoever ends up with a glorious crown for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami will be the winner.


3. The Meera Walk

Meera Walk Game


To make the games more actionable & adventurous, try the Meera Walk. It is a perfect Janmashtami game to play with friends or family. For this game, the host will blindfold the players and spin them on the spot three times. Further, each player will get a garland to put around the neck of Lord Krishna’s Statue in one minute. Just like Saint Meera Bai went blind into the eternal love of Lord Krishna you will follow up on her steps this time. The player who will put the garlands around the neck of Krishna Ji will be the winner.


4. Khojiye Hari Ka Naam Aur Paiye Inaam

Khojiye Hari Ka Naam


Just like the game implies you have to find the name of Lord Krishna to win exciting prizes. This is one of the most played Janmashtami games for Kitty Party. Ladies love to play & win exciting rewards after all! In this one-minute party game in Hindi players have to spell different names of Lord Krishna on paper. The lady who writes the maximum number of names in one minute will be the winner. 


5. Peacock Feather Game


Just like the Meera Walk in this racing game for Janmashtami, everyone will definitely spill into laughter even if they didn’t win. It becomes more exciting when you include your little kids in the game. Therefore, this is the best Janmashtami game for family parties & gatherings. The host will mark a start and the finish line within a 20 feet distance( or however long you want the distance in your areas). Each player has to balance the peacock feather on the tip of their nose & reach the finishing line. Whoever reaches the finishing line first with a peacock feather balanced perfectly wins the game. You have no clue how funny the kids look when they balance the feathers onto their noses!


6. Handi Balancing


If you do enjoy these balancing racing games, there’s one more game to play on Janmashtami that can add more fun to your party celebrations in Gokulashtami. In Handi balancing each player will be provided with one small Handi or Earthen Pot that will be filled with water or Milk(you can choose). They have to balance these Handi carefully onto their heads and reach the finishing line in time. Whoever reaches the finish line first without getting wet will win the game. To make it more fun, arm your kids with flowers that they will throw at the players to make their Handis fall just like Nat-Khat Kanha used to do with Radha & her friends.


7. Krishna Jump 

Krishna Jump Game


If you are tired of all the hosting & arrangements for Janmashtami Party then, just lie down & enjoy this free online game on Jagran Play on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami. You have to carefully balance Little Krishna onto the sliding blocks & make him break all the delicious Maakhan Handis. No more roaming or running or racing! You can play & share this fun Jagran Play game for Janmashtami with anyone you like. Keep your Little Kanha Happy with the delicious Mankhan until your own Ma Yashoda arrives to snatch away the smartphone!

Wrap Up!

Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned 7 amazing Janmashtami games to play in 2022. There are many more exciting games & prizes waiting for you on Jagran Play. Go Ahead My Little Kanha steal away your delicious games!


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