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Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Jun 7th, 2023 18:06 IST

June brings more exciting new titles to Apple Arcade, with Jet Dragon, Bold Moves+, Retro Bowl+, Retro Goal+, and Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ joining the service this month. Read More

Apple Arcade has been gradually amplifying its reach & quality of games lately. Last month Apple Add 20 New Games to its Apple Arcade Service including famous classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Splintered Fate, Disney SpellStruck, etc. While this month in June right after the announcements of Apple Design Award Winners 2023 we witnessed several new add ons including one Apple original alongside four App Store Greats. 

Apple has officially revealed June’s Apple Arcade game list including exciting games like Jet Dragon, Bold Moves+, Retro Bowl+, Retro Goal+, and Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+

Arcade Originals Game- June 2023

1. Jet Dragons- June 16 

Jet Dragon Apple Arcade

Jet Dragon is the brainchild of Grezzo, a renowned Japanese developer famous for their collaboration on numerous titles within The Legend of Zelda series. It takes you on a remarkable journey of space and time, entering the captivating world of Venerusa, where daring dragon racers rule the skies. 

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You have to engage in an exhilarating adventure, assemble a team, nurture and train your dragons, and partake in epic dragon races. Within this immersive dragon racing game of Apple Arcade players will encounter formidable rivals, strategically plan their moves, and strive for the ultimate pinnacle of success. It possesses user-friendly controls, thrilling races, and demanding courses that any gamer would enjoy.

App Store Greats Games

1. Bold Moves+(June 9)

Bold Moves+ Apple Arcade

Bold Moves+ is a match 3-word puzzle game that combines inspirational quotes with challenging gameplay. You have to match 3 colors, collect letter tiles, and break through obstacles to reveal motivational phrases from famous personalities. 

Once you progress through nature-inspired levels you earn rewards and unlock boosters that enhance your strategy skills in this incredible Apple Store Great Game of June. With daily rewards, peaceful environments, and the ability to share favorite quotes, Bold Moves+ is a perfect source of encouragement and joy for users.

2. Retro Bowl+ (June 23)

Retro Bowl+ Apple

Retro Bowl offers the ideal gaming experience for those who have always wanted to showcase their quarterback skills from the comfort of an armchair. With its delightful retro aesthetics, the game features user-friendly roster management, encompassing press responsibilities and the delicate task of managing egos. Once on the field, players have the opportunity to make critical decisions. Display your expertise, guide the team, and strive for victory in the Retro Bowl game of Apple Aracde in June 2023.

3. Retro Goal+ (June 23)

Retro Goal+ Apple

Retro Goal blends the thrill of arcade soccer gameplay with straightforward team management, creating a fast-paced and captivating experience. Drawing inspiration from beloved sports games of the 16-bit era, its graphics evoke nostalgia, while modern touchscreen controls ensure precise and responsive gameplay. 

Prepare to score goal after goal with impeccable accuracy. Select your preferred team from the world's most renowned leagues and assemble a roster of superstars, professionals, and passionate players who will guide your team to triumph. Take complete command on the field and make every touch count as you strive for victory in this sport game of Apple Arcade in June.

4. Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ (June 30)

Millionaire Trivia Apple Quiz

Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ invites players to challenge their knowledge, harness the support of the audience, and assemble a formidable team of experts. Experience the exhilarating quest of ascending the Money Ladder to attain millionaire status. 

With a plethora of engaging features such as leaderboards, daily challenges, timeless lifelines, and the exciting Ask an Expert option, gives players the opportunity to demonstrate their intellect and earn substantial rewards while journeying through iconic cities around the globe. You get to immerse yourself in this captivating arcade quiz game experience, where wit and wisdom pave the way to triumph.

Apple Arcade Games: New Updates in Existing Titles

1. Subway Surfers Tag- is getting a huge revamp to its movement and shooting controls, enemy spawning mechanics, and more.

2. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition has a special game update inspired by the game’s 40 Greatest Mode athletes; 

3. Galgaga Wars+ is unlocking its brand-new Elite Mode as a June Apple arcade game update. 

4. TMNT Splintered Fate is teaming up with the Punk Frogs with Leatherhead. 

That was all, for Apple Arcade! Any new insights will be updated here as soon as we get to know each other. Though you must cheer up the victors of The Apple Design Awards 2023 involving 12 best-in-class apps and games such as Stitch, After place, Railbound, Endling, Resident Evil Village, Marvel Snap, and more. 

Hope y’all are already plugged into your Arcades to explore these titles. If yes! Then comment below your favorite Apple Arcade Game of all time. Keep visiting our Jagran Play Blogs for more interesting information like these. We’d also love your feedback & suggestions so do drop those in the comment box below as well. You can also share it with your friends who are as glued to gaming as you are! After all, that’s what our tagline screams- ‘Dil Toh Gamer Hai’ So why to limit huh? See You Soon in the next exciting blog. Bye


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