Amazon Launching Prime Gaming Service in India True or Not?

Tue, 12 6th 2022, 9:17:24 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Yeppe! Amazon might not want this to leak out for now! But, considering the gaming user base & madness for games in India. It is evident that this rumor is going to be a reality soon. Let's see what official website "hints" of Amazon reads!

Amazon might be taking away the businesses of Sony & PlayStation in India too. As if beating around Snapdeal & Flipkart wasn't enough. Yet, Indian gaming users might be already aware about Amazon Prime Gaming services that are not yet offered here but have a lot going on in foreign nations. 

Finally, acknowledging the trend of gaming in India Amazon is inching towards launching their Prime Gaming subscription services in India as well. It will offer free access to various renowned gaming titles considering the services offered outside India. Amazon Prime is already performing at its heights. It is one of the top contenders of Netflix when it comes to watching great OTT series online.

The company even stated:

“With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership) unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favorite games and a rotating collection of PC games…each and every month,” 

To make the rumor more solid, a company insider Rishi Alwani is also offering lucid messaging about the launch of Prime Gaming in India over Twitter

You can find a supported page on the Prime Gaming website that shows Gaming as an operational market for the service. But if you've got super excited and landed yourself on the website attempting to access Prime Gaming. Then wait, dude! It might be redirected to a blank page or will show the same warning of being in an unsupported country.

Amazon Prime Gaming India


First, the company mentioned India as an operational market for the service on "its support page". Later users found it doesn't 'yet' follow what was hyped excessively!

While some netizens referenced through social media about Prime Gaming’s possible launch in India, which was quietly removed (we know by who!). They haven't gone official about the Prime Gaming Service. But the rumors about Amazon's meaning to launch such a platform has been in the news for the last few months.

As per the report, the Prime Gaming service was originally launched in the US in 2016, now many are stating it as a revamped version of Twitch Prime, that might arrive in India. But no more hard judgment guys! It's some 'legit' gaming that we might get with our Prime Subscriptions, who doesn't want that huh? 

Let's all scream together, we want Free games on Prime Gaming too! Well, obviously publishers who possess exclusive rights won't provide it without any fee. But considering the user base of Amazon. We might get it at a much lower price in comparison to other expensive platforms for gaming. 

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