Top 5 Gaming Accessories For Any Gamers Gadget Collection in 2022

Wed, 08 3rd 2022, 12:00:00 AM Posted By Shahroz
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Wanna upgrade your gaming? Explore these 5 Cool Gadgets for PC gaming that can boost your skills & ease your muscles from long hours on PC or Console Gaming.

Gaming is a serious skill. No matter what the old fellows in your house might think! But we all know how intense the world of gaming has become in 2022. From the world of  Esport championships to online streaming streaks, gaming is really a BIG deal now. 



For mastering such dedicated skills you need essential gaming accessories to have your back. I have gathered some affordable gaming gadgets that not only help your skill enhancements but also ease your strained muscles after long hours of gameplay. Excited to see what these gadgets are? Let’s dive right into the worlds of gadgets then.


List of 5 Amazing Gadgets for PC Gamers


1. PC Gaming Headset Hook


How many times! Seriously this hook has been a budget saver in my life. I saw the demise of many headsets in my own home, as they got caught on the leg of a chair or due to the extra ‘Josh’ I showed after winning chicken dinner!


PC gaming Headset Hooks is a customizable clamp that can fit desks between 7mm to 37mm. Therefore it accommodates almost all shapes & sizes of desks that are sold in the market. You can even swivel around the hook and swing it back with just one hand.


2. Blue Light Reduction Glasses


Gaming is fun, but gaming after work or taking it as a profession both drains your eyes through the persistent blue lights emitted from screens. It can highly affect your vision and sleep schedule. 


It is definitely one of the most necessary gaming gadgets for any gamer who loves to play for long hours. Blue Light reduction glasses stop almost 80-90% of the blue light emitted by your monitors. But make sure you don’t strain your eyes too much even after wearing these gaming glasses.


3. Logitech G502 Hero Mouse


The mouse has always been one of the most taken-for-granted accessories that we always keep aside! But Gamers can definitely agree how important a mouse is? Especially during action games. 


Any motivated gamer must buy this popular gaming accessory for sure. It is totally ergonomic and programmable with a sleek, gamer-friendly design. You can even add or remove weights from the mouse's compartments to make it lighter or heavier according to your requirement. 


4. Arealer’s Heated Massage Pillow


Gaming is stressful both physically & mentally. But are you taking care of your body to keep going on like this? Especially when long hours of gaming takes revenge from your back. You should come up with a solid plan.


Try Arealer's heated massage pillow to give yourself the treatment you deserve. The heating technology will soothe your jarring pain & cozy pillow will support your muscles like a Pro!  Yes, being a dedicated gamer comes with some benefits after all.


5. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


Many avoid spending extra money once they get any tacky console or Play station. But Microsoft Elite Series 2 Xbox One Controller, is a very essential gadget for any gamer's skill upgradation. 


Not just consoles but you can connect it  with your PC. You might find the controller a bit heavy but such adjustability is hard to achieve anywhere else. It even supports Bluetooth connectivity.


Wrap Up!


Hope you find these accessories for gaming useful & interesting. There are endless gaming gadgets that empty your pockets all of a sudden. But, NOT these 5 cool gaming gadgets! You can easily fit  them in your monthly budget without any issue. Whereas, they enhance and ease your gaming routines.


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