Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 Reveals All Invited Teams For Battle| Check it Out

Thu, 09 29th 2022, 8:08:37 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Battle is getting stiff! Hard-core esports gaming teams of India like Enigma, Team Vitality, Revenant & more are coming to make you sweat with thrill. Find out who else is joining the invited qualifiers squad list of JPET 2022 | P.S. Registrations are Still Open Enter Now!

No More Messin’ Around! Jagran Play has revealed all the invited teams who will give you a solid rivalry in the upcoming Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022. If you are still wandering about finding a clan, do it quickly. Registration will close soon & competing with these famous esports teams of India is no more a child’s play.


For those who just got here, Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022(JPET 2022) is one of the top-notch online esports tournaments organized by Jagran Play. Registrations have been made open since 15 Sep 2022 for everyone in India. Entry is completely Free! And the reward packs up a whopping prize pool of ₹20 Lacs. Players will battle on the grounds of Call of Duty Mobile to snatch up this dazzling prize money!


Esteemed presenting sponsor Betway & Powered by sponsor MediaTek are cranking this tournament throughout the nation. You can now Download the Betway App to even Predict your Favorite Esports Games too. Taking this huge tournament to another colossal height, let’s have a look at the entire Invited Team list for JPET 2022 that will battle further for the grand finale along with online qualifiers.


Who are Invited Qualifiers in JPET 2022?


JPET 2022 Invited Team List| Jagran Play


Wanna know your opponents? Let’s unleash the glory! There will be 16 squads on the Invited Qualifiers list of JPET 2022. These are some of the most experienced esports teams in India. Why invite them? Well, they raise the chart of challenges & bring more adventure to the event. Don’t you agree? These squads will be further divided into 4 groups for elimination as follows:


Group A


  1. Godlike, 
  2. NS Official, 
  3. Pixel
  4. MOD Osiris


Group B


  1. Vitality, 
  2. T2P Infective, 
  3. Anthem
  4. Menaces


Group C


  1. Enigma
  2. Team Integrity, 
  3. Mutants, 
  4. Memories


Group D


  1. Revenant
  2. Freak- Quency, 
  3. Tryhards,
  4. Mod-NYX


What is the format of JPET 2022?


The format of the Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 looks a bit like this:


JPET 2022 Game Format| Jagran Play


Can I Still Register For JPET 2022?


JPET 2022 Schedule| Jagran Play


Yes..damn Yes! The Registration Link is open for all from 15 Sep to10 Oct 2022. If you are still waiting to complete your clan for registration then let us help you. Visit Jagran Play Discord, here you can find many amazing solo players like you who can come together to form a solid squad & join in for this tournament. Think no more! Find the perfect members & Register Now!


Jagran Play is also offering some attractive CODM Points or CPs of up to 2 Lacs to those who Register. To dig more about these CP Rewards; Read: Grab Now! ₹2 Lakh Worth CPs Unlocked For Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 Entries.


For any other latest updates, match schedules, streaming platforms & gaming insights stay tuned to our blogs & socials. We won’t leave you behind buddy! Share it with your friends & have a blast at JPET 2022.

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