Hurry Up! Registrations Are Closing Soon For Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022

Wed, 09 28th 2022, 11:38:20 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Did you Register? For the biggest esport tournament of Jagran Play. Revenant, Enigma, Vitality & many other popular esports teams of the nation are also joining in. Registration is Completely FREE. So Go Ahead & Enter Now.

Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 has established a buzzing ground for hard-core gamers & Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts to ultimately unite. Witnessing a legendary online battle filled with immense action, thrill & drama isn’t too far. The registrations for tournaments are still brimming up with Call of Duty Clans but this won’t stay for long.


After all the real battle is what we are waiting for, right? Pace up! And find a squad if you haven’t yet & Register Now.


JPET 2022 Quick Overview


For those who just got the news of this extravagant esports Tournament happening in India. Have a little glimpse of the entire Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 format, schedule, Registration & other dramas that will entertain you completely for the next coming month.


Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 is one of the first-ever esports Championships organized by Jagran Play. Nurtured from the experienced hands of Dainik Jagran Media House it is definitely going to be a ‘Big Online Event’.


The presenting sponsor Betway & powered by sponsor MediaTek collectively made this event more colossal. You can also Download the Betway App now to Predict your Favorite Esports Games.


JPET 2022 Format


JPET 2022 Match format| Jagran Play


Jagran Play eSports Tournament follows a combined format of BO3 & BO5.

  • Number of Online Qualifying Teams left after battles (BO3 format) = 4 Squads
  • Number of Invited Teams: 16 Squads
  • Number of Invited Qualifying Teams left after battles (BO3 format) = 4 Squads
  • Grand Final Battle (BO5 format): 8 Squads (4+4) x Double Elimination


Jagran Play decided to bring out the raw talent from Indian grounds through this gaming event.  Hence, you’ll be witnessing renowned Indian esports gaming teams such as Revenant, Enigma, Vitality, etc. along with regular day gamers joining in through the FREE registrations as online qualifiers. If the world hasn’t acknowledged your real talent for esports gaming, this is the time to shine buddy! Don’t hold back. Register Now!


JPET 2022 Event Dates


JPET 2022 Match Schedule| Jagran Play


As you can see, registration will close soon, ending on 10th Oct 2022.  Hurry Up! We also have a Jagran Play discord community, where you can reach out to other gamers if you are facing an issue in completing your squad.

For entry, your squad must have at least 5 members & maximum of 6 members to face off in this tournament featuring the Call of Duty Mobile game.


For more details, you can visit the official esports hub of Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 Right here.


Don’t worry we’ll ping you up for any gaming updates related to JPET 2022 on our socials & blogs. Still, before the slots get full, make a solid clan & register for Jagran Play eSport Tournament 2022 right away.

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