Breaking: Jagran Play eSports Tournament 2022 Trailer Has Launched| Check it Now

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 16th, 2022 06:01 PM  
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Get Ready to score some Fresh Blood! Complete trailer of the upcoming Jagran Play Esports Tournament 2022 has landed. Biggest online esports gaming league with a whopping prize pool of ₹20 Lakh is staged| Smash the Registration Link & Begin your gaming battle!

Buckle up! As the battle is about to GET REAL! Damn Yeah, haven’t you heard? The complete trailer of the upcoming esports extravaganza Jagran Play Esport Tournament 2022(JPET 2022) has landed.


JPET 2022 has already buzzed up the streak of esports gaming. Registration Link has been made live from 15 Sep 2022. Now it is high time that you warm up your clan & curate all your gaming strategies. Have a fresh look at the latest trailer of Jagran play esports Tournament 2022.



Gigantic Prize Pool!


Eye down every intel, as it is a top-off look at what you are about to encounter. Prepare for solid CODM battlegrounds of all time. Trust me! This is definitely going to be a brutal face-off. After all, a huge prize pool of ₹20,00,000( 20 Lakh) for JPET 2022 will fire up many gamers to brawl like a Pro!


All the talented gamers from across the nation will be greeted with pride. Take part in our incredible Jagran Play esport Tournament 2022. Make sure your team has minimum-5 Players & maximum-6 Players to take part in this amazing esports tournament featuring a die-hard game- Call of Duty Mobile.


Highly Acclaimed Sponsors


Jagran Play Esports Tournament is a Kickstarter for our progressive esports journey towards the future of gaming. This could not have been possible without the support of our presenting Sponsor- Betway & powered by sponsor- MediaTek. You can also Download the Betway App to Predict your Favorite Esports Games.


Mission is Ready!


Huge call out to any CODM esports clan left out there! If you haven't registered your esport teams yet. Do it NOW.  Entries are totally FREE!


Click Here to Register Your Squad


Stay tuned as many more exciting rewards will be unleashed for first-coming entries! You can catch all the streaming buzz, tournament updates, matches, dates, and live action through our socials & blogs. Spread the Word! Share it with your Gaming Buddies too!


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