Ampverse Joint Venture Brings College Rival Esports Series for Students

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | May 26th, 2023 05:00 PM  

Experience esports tournaments at colleges in India soon with the help of Ampverse's joint venture with DMI Finance. Read More

Esports is growing fast in the Indian gaming markets. Especially after receiving a green flag from the government by getting recognized as an official ‘sport’ in India, it is claiming its rising success now. 

Taking advantage of this evolving skill, Asian esports and gaming company Ampverse joined forces with a financial non-banking company DMI Finance to grow esports in India together. This partnership will come up with an esports IP alongside ‘data-driven’ products and services for gamers. 

For those who don’t know Ampverse is the mother of all Asian esports organizations, including Minana (the Philippines), SBTC Esports (Vietnam), 7Sea (India), Thai esports team Bacon Time and Made in Thailand.

And out of these IPs, the College Rivals Esports Series will be its first launch. It is a national esports platform that will take place across 25 college campuses in India. It will be announced in June, and further in December 2023, Mumbai will be its major hotspot. Though the featured games utilized in this esports event are yet to be disclosed. 

Ampverse also appointed Ashwin Haryani, as a Country Manager to help lead Ampverse DMI’s activity in India. He has been a former VP of Esports and Mobile Premier League (MPL),

Over the success of this esports partnership Charlie Baillie, Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Ampverse, mentioned-

“After months of strategic planning, Ampverse and DMI Finance are proud to unveil our new joint venture, anchored by a common vision of realizing the immense potential of the booming esports and gaming industry in India. 

He also added- “With a commitment to delivering the very best in gaming experiences and products, we are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey together.”

Let’s see how long this journey flourishes ahead in future. We’d be delighted to keep you updated with anything happening in the gaming realm. Are you going to take part in this college esports fest if they come to your campus? Comment below & share it with your friends who are also crazy about gaming. You can also take a look at our free online games on Jagran Play. We curate them for you guys! See You soon in the next exciting wonder. Bye.


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