5 Tips esports Pros Do To Maintain Unbeatable Performance Throughout Matches

Tue, 09 13th 2022, 6:44:14 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Explore some professional tips to become the next esport gaming pro with the help of famous game psychologist Mia Stellberg advises. Find out what she says about sleeping & eating habits of professional gamers.

Esport has been a booming industry for gamers to acquire higher status & money. Recently it has been a one-way road to conquer diverse gaming championships. Yet, this vast horizon for playing games also transforms gradually into lethal addition & affects the gamer’s health altogether.


And if you still, fancy that esports Pros are gaming non-stop for long hours consumed with blue lights & junk food while the energy drink cans jam out their keyboard spaces then guess again.


At the end of the day, esports players are also athletes who play a sport with dedicated skill & passion. Their training is also conducted holistically just like other athletes across the world. It doesn’t matter that most of their time is spent sitting in gaming chairs & staring persistently at the blue screens. 


Mia Stellberg

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Renowned Esports psychologist Mia Stellberg shared some mind-blowing tips with ONE Esports players to become Pros in esport gaming. Here’s a brief list of five things Stellberg tells Pro players they need to do to maintain peak performance:


1. Always Do A Background Check


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No! We are not inquiring about a criminal. Instead, a player is always a learner. Therefore, constant checks on your as well as your opponents' gaming styles always give you a heads up in the game. Stellberg, advises that victory shouldn’t be random. 


Players who stay focused & serious about improvement always watch & analyze their games. They always take a close look over what works and what doesn’t and keep it fresh as a daisy! 


2. Gotta Move Your Body

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Most beginner esport players think that top-rated gamers might steal extra time by constantly sitting in front of their gaming consoles & practicing with nonstop energy. That’s not true at all!


Contrary to this, Stellberg says- “What we have learned from different kinds of research is that being physically fit, doing something else than just sitting in front of your computer helps your ability to focus, and even affects your mood,” That, clearly suggests any esport gamer must have free time away from their computer at least 3 to 4 times a week. She even takes her esport team for a walk for 45 minutes in the morning for fresh air, oxygen, & better blood circulation.


3. Say No to Energy Drinks and Junk

No Junk food|Jagran Play


Our brain is the most precious set of our body’s arsenal that has to be kept sharp & functioning. And the best fuel for blood circulation is a healthy diet. We do understand how unapologetically tasty energy drinks or junk food become especially when you are totally consumed in your esport matches. Still eating healthily is a proven way to rank u your titles in the game. Stellberg says “What you’re eating is affecting your blood sugar,” reminding everyone that “Your blood sugar affects your reaction time. You can’t really complain about your functioning or your body or your mind not being on the optimal level if you’re not taking care of it”


Who else can understand the sheer necessity & importance of a reaction time than an esport gamer? Therefore, if you are going to be a part of a massive esport league that will continue for several weeks, you can’t risk your health in that. Hence, taking care of your health and nutrition is as much a priority as any other tournament to conquer.


5. Always Define A Goal


No matter whether it is about a new move you picked, sleeping on time, or preparing for a cash prize in your country’s top event like the Jagran Play esport Tournament. Setting a goal sets you in a competitive mode. Therefore, bigger goals are the best ways to power your motivation for improvement. And accomplishing those goals is the most ecstatic feeling in the world.


Doesn’t matter if the goal is as small as sleeping at a set time. Stellberg reminds all gamers that sleep affects reaction time and memory. Hence make sure you have a consistent sleep pattern that will eventually offer you high-quality sleep (power naps are awesome, but it’s not enough!).


Wrap Up


HAPPY gaming| Jagran Play



By far now, your notion about esport players being submerged in energy cans, junk foods & computer wires might have shattered. Esport players also monitor their physical & mental fitness. They maintain healthy eating habits and take an ample amount of off-game time alongside in-game time. With expert monitoring from popular psychologists like Stellberg, esport players meticulously enhance their skills from within. As it is not just about gaming it's about long hours of gaming that sucks a huge portion of energy from you.  So stay healthy & follow these professional tips to become an esport Pro gamer.


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