What is Crypto Clans Blockchain Game & Is it Safe To Play?

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Aug 25th, 2022 11:08 IST
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Know All About This Trendy Blockchain Game- Crypto Clan| Know What are its Features & Safety Concerns Associated With This NFT-powered Blockchain Game

Cryptocurrencies have taken up the digital world by storm. Their decentralized nature has attracted tonnes of internet geeks & gamers for new creations. Later these Crypto gamers would be able to decide the overall governance of any game by using such digital tokens won from Blockchain games


Last year, blockchain games were one of the massive trends, especially the pandemic caused some coins to rise exponentially, while some dropped at a surprising rate. Who’d have missed the rise of the AXS token that even left the famed cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum behind? But a new entry has made this digital world of gaming storm up again! What is that? Well, Have a Read.


What is Crypto Clans Blockchain Game?


Crypto Clan is a blockchain game where players can engage in quests and earn bonus digital assets. This feature makes Crypto Clans a so-called ‘play-to-earn’ game. Thought its website has yet to release to games on web browsers and smartphones. But, according to the project’s whitepaper, Crypto Clans has taken inspiration from another popular game, that is yet to be disclosed, but it has over one billion downloads.


The main goal of this blockchain game is to build clans by engaging in battles. You are rewarded with both cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital assets.  Usually, Blockchain games are often likened to metaverse experience, or NFT rewards and Crypto Clans might also incorporate this element further.


What You Can Do With Clan Tokens?


Through the CLAN token, you can purchase in-game items like NFTs. Further these NFTs are tradable on meatverse.Whereas the ‘Crypto Clans Assets’ collection is also available on the OpenSea marketplace. You can find four items listed to the game’s authority. The floor price of the token is equal to 0.11 ETH.


Wrap Up!


Hope you found some clarity in the world of Crypto Clan. Blockchain gaming tokens like AXS and MANA were under intense pressure previously. But, considering the splurge of eSports, the future of the new game Crypto Clans cannot be predicted. With an offering for both cryptocurrency and NFTs, it can have a large impact on gamers' interests. Still, extreme caution is highly recommended for any new crypto gaming.


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