Ubisoft Cancels its Supposed NFT blockchain game- Project Q

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Jan 20th, 2023 11:01 IST
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Ubisoft laid off its 3 gaming projects recently, of which one turned out to be the highly rumored NFT game under codename- Project Q. Find out more about this canceled NFT game & its cancellation right here.


Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Project Q was one of the three recently terminated games. For the first time, this game was announced to a disappointed audience in mid-2022. It turned out to be a multiplayer experience staged in the "team battle arena,". 

Yet the official wording of the announcements from Ubisoft raised a lot of suspicions. Further players even questioned whether Project Q was a blockchain-based game, involving NFTs or another PUBG supplement for the rest of the fans.

What was Project Q at Ubisoft?

For those who don’t know, Ubisoft was working on a gaming model codenamed- Project Q. It was supposed to be a team battle arena game that offered players literal ownership of the game experience! Apparently, this unique game was in its early development and the company chose to continue its testing for better productions.

The concept was largely glued with the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based games. Such games are distinct from others through the possession of personal ownership of the game’s component. As part of the deal, players received a virtual product and a receipt on the blockchain to confirm their ownership. Ubisoft did not confirm the nature of Project Q in its original announcement, although fans were quick to speculate that NFTs and blockchain-based products would be part of the project. 

Project Q is Officially Dead!

Ubisoft Quartz, a proprietary tool for selling NFTs in games, just came out. But Project Q is officially dead now! As it seems like we'll never know what was planned (if it was intended by Ubisoft!). And 2022 closed beta invites were sent out to give players a glimpse of the melee-based PvP arena fighting game, these players might be the only ones who got to catch the last glimpse of the game. Project Q is officially terminated, with the Ubisoft development team now assigned to alternative projects. Let’s see what comes next from their incredible gaming store. To get more updated news related to gaming, gadgets, esports, and blockchain games stay tuned with Jagran Play. Send us your suggestions & feedback straight in our social inbox, we’d be delighted to hear from y’all.


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