Top 5 Super Easy Mobile Games to Earn Bitcoins (High-Paying Ones!)

Mon, 31st Oct 2022 14:37:16 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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No, it's not that hard! Blockchain gaming is super easy when explored through 'right' games & 'right' methods. Here's a list of 5 amazing Bitcoin games to play on Mobile that not only gives you dazzling NFTs & bitcoins but also enhances your Crypto knowledge.

Blockchain gaming has already outdone traditional games with its decentralized freedom of ownership. Users are having a 'gooood time' creating, playing & earning hefty amounts of bitcoins through these games globally. If you also wanna start earning money by playing bitcoin games on mobile, then try out these 5 popular bitcoin games that are fun & make you rapidly progress in the crypto universe.

The value of gaming assets or tokens or bitcoins earned from these games depends on the market’s supply and demand. Bitcoin is flourishing as far as cryptocurrencies keep growing. The Android gaming niche has also evolved from basic blockchain games to GameFi's  Play-to-earn gaming models. Seems like many people are winning bitcoins easily except you! Let's change that today.

Diving straight into the details of 5 amazing crypto mobile games you can play without wasting any more precious time!

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List of 5 Highest Paying Bitcoin Games to Play on Mobile

1. CryptoPop

Offered Token: CryptoPOP or CPP

CryptoPop is a super easy bitcoin-earning game for android users. It holds big similarities with the candy world or candy crush game. You get to match Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc in the form of sweet potatoes. Beautifully Masked with virtual balloons, you are tasked with grouping similar coins.

In return, you are rewarded with Ethereum and Pop coins in the game. However, this mobile bitcoins game also pays in various other currencies including Bitcoins, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, and IDEX. 

2. Alien Run

Alien Run Bitcoin| Jagran Play


Offered Coins: Bitcoin & Alien Run or ALR

Well, if you want extra action in bitcoin games then Bitcoin Alien Run is the perfect choice to begin. It is an exciting 2D runner’s crypto-earning game to play on mobile. Every day you are tasked with various adventures to accomplish. Daniel, the Alien avatar represents your progress in the game.

You are rewarded in the form of BTC or bitcoins as you complete the task fabulously. It is one of the best choices for action game lovers who wish to start their bitcoin earning journey.

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3. CropBytes

CropByte Game


Offered Token: CropByte or CBX

CropBytes is one of the most famous crypto games to play on both Android & iOS. It uses an integrated digital wallet app entitled 'Tron' in its application. CropByte is a game of simulation where you can play various roles. A merchant or an investor, are all accessible roles for you to play & earn in this game.

CropByte is definitely a flexible game to earn bitcoin where not only skilled gamers but beginners having a good understanding of investment can also excel. You can even practice crypto mining and crypto trading in an open market with this bitcoin gaming app.

4. Merge Cats

Offered Token: ERC20 tokens

No, it's not a Cat-lover fetish! But a super easy android game to earn bitcoins. This is also an alternate version of Candy crush where instead of candies you drag similar cats together to gain points in the form of “Soul” digital currency.

As you progress to higher levels, you will receive kitties that run faster and make you earn bigger coins per second. So ready to slam some pussies then? (Don't be naughty, I am talking about 'ONLY' virtual cats!).

5. 0X Universe

oX Universe Game


Offered Token: Peer-to-peer Ethereum or ETH exchange  

Space Alert! If you are into space games, galaxies, and gathering out worldly stuff, then 0X World Android game is the best pick. Here instead of riding cool spacecraft, you get to build them from scratch. Though pieces required for the spacecraft have to be purchased.

But overall, it's one of the highest-paying bitcoin games for mobile if you have a knack for purchasing & creating some really great spacecraft.  You are rewarded with Bitcoin when you sell your unique spacecraft in the blockchain marketplace. The game demands a functioning Arkane wallet but the heft of bitcoin earnings gained from this game is definitely worth the pay.


Can you earn Bitcoins by playing games?

Yes, you can earn bitcoins & various other digital assets in the form of NFTs by playing games. Some popular bitcoins games for android are CryptoPop, Merge Cat, CropByte, etc. Either player rank higher on leaderboards winning bitcoins or win NFTs via these games for trading them further directly at the bitcoin marketplaces.

What is the best game to earn Bitcoin?

Many mobile games to earn bitcoin are high paying, but many prefer Bitcoin Alien Run is one of the most famous games to earn bitcoin on Android allowing users to play a fun 2D runner game.

How can I earn Bitcoins on Android?

There are various methods To Earn Bitcoins on Android:

  • Use Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot like Pionex to gather Bitcoin.
  • Use Staking Rewards such as Bitstamp to win Bitcoin
  • Playing Bitcoins earning Games like oX Universe, Merge Cats, Alien Run etc.
  • Mining Browsers and Software.
  • Using Crypto Airdrops to earn Bitcoins

Hope you liked the above-mentioned top 5 Bitcoin games to play on mobile. There's more to bitcoins. As their market is evolving many new models are being created. Just like GameFi games which have boomed the market of cryptocurrency games in a very short bracket of games. To know more about blockchain games, esports, gaming gadgets & latest gaming news stay tuned with us. Try free Jagran Play games to chill in your time. Ping us on our socials about what more you'd like to know. Till then Keep playing & exploring!

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