Top 5 NFT Blockchain Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted by Shahroz | Aug 5th, 2022 00:08 IST
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Check out these 5 NFT-Based Blockchain Games to Play 2022 for a fun & mind-bending Crypto experience of Blockchain systems.


With a booming industry of decentralized finance (DeFi), you should have tracked the fame of Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) filling up the crypto world. NFTs definitely grabbed the spotlight with the highest volume in sales occurring at the start of January 2022.


To have more fun with NFTs, try out these 5 incredible Blockchain games that not only tests your Crypto knowledge but give you a thriller head start in the Blockchain gaming world.


List of 5 Must-Try Blockchain Games You Should Play


1. Guild of Guardians



If there’s any blockchain games in 2022 that can bring your interest back to NFTs, its Guild of Guardians.  It is based on the popular ImmutableX, the first layer-two solution built on Ethereum aiming over NFTs. 


Lucky for you! It is a free-to-play mobile role-playing game, bringing up P2E mechanics. Many NFT gamers and investors seem very impressed with this game. Especially the NFT founder sale and token launch generating nearly over $10 million in volume is definitely a sparkling proof for the success of this great blockchain game.


2. DeFi Kingdoms



DeFi Kingdom's is a perfect place for all the passionate investors who are immersed in blockchain technology. It is one of the best blockchain games you should start exploring for adventures of NFTs. DeFi Kingdoms was born as a visualization of liquidity pool investing where in-game ‘gardens’ showcased literal and figurative token pairings.


The players have a portion of their LP share within a plot that is filled with blooming plants representing their investments  JEWEL is a utility token through which blockchain game players can purchase NFTs in-game buffs to increase their base-level stat. 


3. Galaxy Fight Club


Galaxy Fight Club, yes you might remember this blockchain game as the one which switched its gears from a 10,000-avatar collection to the first cross-brand and cross-platform PvP fighting game. Here you can fight with the collection of avatars.


Aimed at interoperability, GFC is one of the popular blockchain games that shows high value on its original fighters but also allows other avatars to earn rewards through amazing battles.




GCOIN is an experienced blockchain gamer thing. You might find it a bit complex in the beginning. But later it runs smoothly in your blockchain gaming schedule. When a fighter is sold, the new owner gets the accrued GCOIN.


It is one of the best ways to power up players for in-game moves, forging weapons, opening loot boxes, and training-n-selling second-generation fighters. Despite some setbacks, this NFT game 2022 released 4 million tokens for sale at $0.50 each with a max allocation of $500 per wallet. Don’t you see the victory there only!


5. CryptoBeasts



Crypto Beast is one of the legit beasts of blockchain gaming in 2022. It has an incredible pixelated digital art game that brings you back to the retro world of renowned Zelda game.


This Blockchain game is based on the Ethereum blockchain system. With a ‘peer-to-peer electronic rare egg system,’ you get to enjoy this gaming at peaks. You can have one land parcel in the top game‘s “Eggland” universe with 10,000 pixelated colorful eggs along with one decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) vote.


Wrap Up!


Just a Note! According to stats from DappRadar & Bloomberg:

“Nearly 50% of active cryptocurrency wallets connected to decentralized applications in November were for playing games. The percentage of wallets linked to decentralized finance, or DeFi, dapps fell to 45% during the same period, after months of being the leading dapp use case.”


The gaming future involves tons of Blockchain worlds that any crypto lover doesn't want to miss. Why not make investments & trade much more fun? Through these 5 famous blockchain games on your list, you can definitely keep the hectic investment schedule behind. Give it a try dude!


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