One Rare’s Foodverse is Ready To Foodify Your Metaverse with New NFTs Now

Tue, 6th Sep 2022 11:46:41 AM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Foodie Alter! OneRare is coming up with a unique Food Metaverse aka foodverse blockchain game on mainnet now. Gamers will be able to stake $ORARE as tokens of exchange & much more| Explore what is OneRare? What You Do in OneRare's Foodverse? All right here!

One Rare has been a popular name since it decided to create a food metaverse for all the foodies around the world. With two successful runs over the Testnets and Audits by Certik, One Rare is ready to enter the Polygon Mainnet on upcoming September 7. 


One Rare’s team was diligently consumed in creating this project for a very..very long time. Eventually, they reached a successful base for launching this incredible NFT game for Web3 world. Though in recent days, the market for NFTs with respect to crypto has been quite turbulent. But the team seamlessly worked onto creating a gamified Foodverse model for users to enjoy. Thankfully, Foodverse is now capable to offer you, an NFT gaming layer ready to hit the Mainnet.


What is OneRare?


One Rare is the first-ever Food Metaverse, or Foodverse created across the world. This ‘verse’ is curating an exciting Virtual World for the global Food & Beverage Industry. Such a set is already gaining a lot of appreciation from the Food connoisseurs over Web3. 


One Rare offer an immersive gaming experience, awesome virtual restaurants, chic chef encounters, and much more. It won’t be wrong to say at this point that OneRare is cultivating a new Era of Food for the world to explore. If food is everything for food lovers then why not ‘foodify’ the blockchain too?


What You Do in OneRare Foodverse?


OneRare allows you to shell out your favorite dishes from around the world and cultivate those particular ingredients through the tokens won at launch. By far now, this project has taken up more than 100 companies as partners. Since they are expecting to launch various add-ons in this blockchain game such as Virtual Food Experience and Foodtruck Wars. The revenue & value for the tokens will also increase with respect to the gamers taking part in this adventure.


Foodverse even allows you to trade off the in-game assets amongst each other via Farmer’s Market. OneRare, is planning to make their OneRare Dishes the main highlight of the game. For now it has sustained utility in both the real and virtual worlds.



Wrap Up


Once the game is live, the gamers will get to stake $ORARE as their initial tokens of exchange. In fact, these are the same ingredients that will allow gamers to farm NFTs via 6 Thematic Staking Pools. You can also cook different recipes as they bring different NFT ingredients for minting NFTs over a linear scale.


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