Mythical Games Is Building an Ethereum-Compatible Chain For New Blockchain Game

Thu, 15th Sep 2022 15:57:26 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Mythical Game CEO John Linden is working on a unique model to incorporate the Ethereum blockchain system into their Blockchain games. Find More about Mythical Game Plan & his future projects.

For all the Blockchain gamers who consider themselves Ethereum Pro, yet you don’t find many Ethereum-based Crypto games to test your skills. Here’s good news for y’all, coming straight from the chambers of Mythical Games.


Mythical Game’s CEO- John Linden, said that his gaming company is working on an "adjacent" blockchain game model that will be essentially compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. 


This big creation is based on the idea of Ethereum Merge- a software update on Ethereum that is entitled to take place next month if goes as planned, Linden revealed over a "First Mover" show at Coindesk TV.


He also added:


“We have a chain in test-net right now that is fully EVM compatible,” referring to "Ethereum virtual machine."


For those who don’t know what is EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine? It is Etherum’s native processing system that grants developers to create smart contracts and make a seamless interaction with the nodes. Developers generate smart contracts with Solidity, which is a programming language much like Javascript and C++. But these Solidity codes can be read by humans only. Therefore, to make it machine-readable it is converted into low-level machine instructions called opcodes that EVMs can easily understand and execute.


Linden blamed Ethereum’s “massive gas fees” as a major drawback for its falling chains. He suggested that validating such “big external fees” for users, particularly on a $10 video-game item is definitely super hard & not eye-catching. 


The company now uses the EOS.IO blockchain platform, which according to Linden has allowed Mythical Games to create its own forked chain. He said- “We added our own level of EVM compatibility over the top,”...“We added bridges back to Ethereum.”


Though Linden didn’t completely state, that any Mythical Game transitioning to Ethereum blockchain but he did witness some efficiencies in having a true kind of EVM chain for future Blockchain game creation.


Saying “As EVM’s caught up to proof-of-stake, we’ve been leaning heavier into that tech stack,” 


Linden is trying his best to create an engaging blockchain wonder that leverages all the Ethethereum Pros to invest in their thrill. 


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