Metacade Announced its MCADE Token Presale; Plans to Overtake Axie Infinity!

Wed, 30th Nov 2022 18:05:49 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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Metacade has announced its Presale on 23 November which will be conducted in over 9 stages. Find out what is Metacade & how it functions to benefit your money habits.

Metacade is an immersive Web3 community that works over an Ethereum-based gaming currency. It has some highly ambitious plans for its future growth that has drawn attention from various countries, especially - the Philippines and Indonesia. 

It plans to surpass Axie Infinity, which has dropped 90 percent since its launch due to the platform's issues with respect to sustaining users. Though, Metacade's main goal is to double the size of its community by the end of 2023.

How Does Metacade Works?

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Metacade is a newcomer in the Web3 community which brings along gamers and crypto enthusiasts to work creatively over the top metaverse games. They wish to establish a lively, hanging joint where gamers can learn about the latest GameFi trends and win hefty prizes. 

Metacade key goals involve creating the world’s first community-driven, play-to-earn arcade for users to interact. Users can access everything in the metaverse arcade using MCADE, which serves as the Metacade utility token. 

Metacade, gives you a cool space to hang out with friends, play a wide variety of fresh video games, and interact with game developers in the video game industry. It is more of a “Pandora box of web3 world” which offers you all the perks of blockchain gaming in a single slice. 

You can even utilize this portal to submit some of your favorite alpha games, create reviews, and even test new releases. Sounds like a weekend get-together for all gaming geeks, right?

What's So Unique About Metacade?

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The major objective of Metacade is not only to connect to a single Metaverse game but to establish a central hub for all kinds of games including various P2E games. Metacade becomes different from other metaverse tokens such as Enjin Coin, right from the beginning of its overall structure. This blockchain platform is immune from the competitive downside of the gaming market, giving it a big heads-up against Axie Infinity too.

What’s in it for Me?

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Metacade’s early adopters who will invest in the initial stage of Metacade cryptocurrency presale will offer 125 tokens for just $1. The presale is already OUT. And when this sale reaches its final stage, only 50 tokens will be available for $1.  In simple terms, starting fresh & early will give your better profits in terms of both investments & returns.

Though, just like that super-fast mutual fund's advisory, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are volatile and high-risk assets. So, don't invest such an amount that you can’t afford to lose. Stay tuned to Jagran Play Blogs for more thrilling news related to gaming gadgets, reviews, cheat codes, blockchain games & esports. You can also DM us on our socials about any improvement you’d like to see or just a simple ‘Hi’. We’d be happy to hear from you. Till then see you soon buddy!

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