Mercedes Benz Applies for Trademark over NFTs and Metaverse

Fri, 23rd Dec 2022 12:15:18 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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With the ever-growing digital world, recently automotive king Mercedes Benz has also lodged for a trademark over NFTs and Metaverse. Experts suggest these are the baby steps to enter the world of Crypto trading. Read Ahead to find more.

Renowned Mercedes-Benz, the German automotive giant is amongst the front liner companies which are taking their approach towards Metaverse. The company filed five trademark applications on December 14, regarding the Metaverse and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

But what are these trademarks & how they benefit Mercedes in the Future? Let's get right into the details of Mercedes-Benz Trade mark filings over Metaverse.

Mercedes-Benz Trademark Filings

Five trademark filing has been initiated by the company involving Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to a licensed trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis, through this action Mercedes is probably planning to develop goods and services using crypto and NFTS. He stated in a tweet that-

"Mercedes is aiming to develop NFTs, virtual clothing and goods, virtual vehicle parts, and financial services. It will also enable cryptocurrency trading." 

The “crypto collectibles” for the luxury Maybach model are up in the market as well. They start with physical elements such as animal furs, blankets, carpets, rugs, etc. Whereas, other collectible items backed by NFTs will also be created for the company’s S-Class model featuring audio recordings, video recordings, image files, and music-possessing artwork.

Mercedes Growing in Web3 World

Though it isn't the first time Mercedes has tried its hand into the Web3 world. Previously the company came up with an NFT collection in January, featuring five notable international artists who created digital artworks commemorating the Mercedes G-Class. In fact, the collection also presented holders with a glorious possibility of winning a physical G-Class if the collection reached $1 million in sales. Who wouldn't want that after all?

Eventually, the prominent brands of the world are trying their best to indulge in the Web3 world to pace up with the evolving technology. Whether it was BMWs partnership with Air Consoles or Mercedes's initiation into NFTs, this forever-evolving space in the last six months has caught users' attention for sure. It vividly represents that companies are planning to create products that can sustain the market's attention for long hauls. Let's see how Mercedes incorporates these trademarks into their business. 

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