Gold Fever: Connecting Virtual Economies with Real Ones Via Blockchain Gaming

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Jun 1st, 2023 17:06 IST

A revolutionary survival game- Gold Fever has molded the boundaries between gaming and blockchain. It's yielding a new form of money-earning-model through games. Have a Look. 

The world of blockchain gaming is evolving at greater lengths than ever before. Especially people being susceptible to all kinds of new technologies nowadays makes it easier for makers to bring new concepts to the world of gaming. Gold Fever is one such example of fascinating innovation. It is completely a player-owned gaming project, that blends the worlds of gaming and blockchain altogether.

Gold Fever is an immersive multiplayer survival blockchain game that brings a massive level of ownership and control based on the decentralized economy. Fusing such unique concepts with goose-bumping realistic graphics and commercial NFTs, this revolutionary blockchain game takes you on a journey of mining for your own in-game currency NGL and engaging in battles within a blockchain-driven world.

This game features an upgraded level of play-to-earn model. It gives players the opportunity to monetize their gaming experience by buying and selling pieces of the game. You also understand Gold Fever game's entire functioning through given below video: 

You’d find a lot of similarities in this game that relates to real-life economic practices.

How Commercial NFTs Work in Gold Fever?

For those who don’t know about Commercial NFTs, let me enlighten you. These NFTs are like the bridging figures between real-life and metaverse economies. It allows players to set up shops and maintain a blockchain economy of their own. You can make revenue and earn profits for your businesses just like it works in real-life businesses. 

For instance: A butcher shop in Gold Fever will generate revenue much like it does in real life, that is by players buying meat from it. Unless there is some corrupt owner who has other ways of earning money (wink wink!)

There are two types of these commercial NFTs in Gold Fever including:

  • Commercial Buildings such as carpentry shops, tool workshops, butcher shops, hotels, stables, and airfields;
  • Commercial Items involving horse NFTs(owning a horse as an asset), gold tools NFTs, gun NFTs, etc.

Here are two kinds of NFT examples taken from a bigger chunk of commercial NFTs available in the Gold Fever’s gameplay experience:

Airfield Commercial NFTSource:

1. Airfield Commercial NFT: It is the Gold Fever’s hub for aviation geeks, providing essentials like gas, maps, and plane maintenance. Players can stock supplies & repair their aircraft by paying to the airfield owners here. And this payment doesn’t land in the game developer's pocket instead it goes to the one who owns this NFT. You can further socialize with fellow enthusiasts, park planes, and learn the art of managing an aviation company in the virtual world.

Horse NFTsSource:

2. Horse NFT: It is one of the precious assets of the Gold Fever Game that enables efficient exploration and resource hunting for players. This horse helps players in travel and battles or can be even kept on rent during your offline phases, creating income for horses and stable owners. Such dynamic use of horse NFTs enhances gameplay, engages player interaction, and manifests trade in the entire game’s ecosystem.

Gold Fever utilized Polygon for its blockchain ecosystem. The founder in a press conference told the media that he chose Polygon for its affordable fees, incredible gaming ecosystem, massive scalability, and instant transaction speeds, which eventually smoothens the gaming experience. And to no surprise, Polygon’s technical and marketing support has helped Gold Fever in attracting a broader audience. 

The CEO and founder of Gold Fever Changpeng Zhao believes that the future of blockchain gaming does uphold immense potential for revolutionary gameplay mechanics, intense experiences, and a beginning for the convergence of virtual worlds with real-world economies.

Information reference:

Let’s see if this though can become a reality one day or not. Comment if you have played Gold Fever till now or not. Keep receiving new gaming updates & cool hacks for games, all in one place. Yes, that’s right only at Jagran Play. See you in the next awesome blog. Till then Bye.


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