Free-to-Own Blockchain Games Can “Wipe Out” F2P and P2E Games said Gabriel Leydon| Will Launch His Own Blockchain Game

Posted by Nimi Qaisar | Sep 1st, 2022 11:09 IST
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Machine Zone's CEO Gabriel Leydon is on a venture to launch his own blockchain game- Limit Break that might ‘break’ all the fundamentals of free-to-play gaming in Blockchain world| He wishes to create free-to-own models that users can own & sell| Keep Reading to Know More.

Gabriel Leydon who was renowned for being “the man on the Iron Throne of gaming” has shockingly raised a whopping $200 million for his first ever blockchain game- Limit Break. He gathered these funds last year from famed companies like Buckley Ventures, Paradigm, FTX, CoinBase Ventures, Shervin Pishevar, Anthos Capital, SV Angel, and Standard Crypto. Pishever who previously invested in Machine Zone.


Gabriel Leydon, who once owned a free-to-play mobile gaming and tech company- Machine Zone, is now rooting towards blockchain games. He left  Machine Zone in 2018 to begin his enlightening journey in the world of cryptocurrencies.  Selling his Machine Zone in 2020 to AppLovin for $600 million. He was ready to transform his ideas into reality.


Last August, he partnered up with Machine Zone co-founder Halbert Nakagawa to make a new blockchain game that will be “free-to-mint” and “free-to-own”.



In an interview with GamesBeat Leydon said- 


“Our focus is on what I believe is going to replace ‘free to play with something I call ‘free to own’ games,” 


No wonder P2E or play-to-earn games are high in demand nowadays. But his creation entitled- Limit Break will limit such models that give away free NFTs to players from the start. Instead, Leydon told GamesBeat that he wants to create something that possesses a  free-to-own model. Such a strategy will not only reduce scam-like behaviors in the blockchain gaming space, but it will also deliver  NFT games with secured output.


Blockchain games


Leydon believed that his free NFTs & the free-to-mint model could “wipe out” the free-to-play and play-to-earn games.


In a conversation with famous gaming news agency- GamesBeat, Leydon said: 


“If you match free to play up against free to own, there’s no way for free to play to survive. I don’t see how anybody goes back to free-to-play after that. Free to play is download the game for free by a bunch of virtual items that you can’t own essentially. We’re completely reinventing the game industry.”


Though, no specific details are available about his blockchain venture. But earlier this month, Limit Break offered their first NFT collection, named DigiDaigaku Genesis. It comprised 2022 cute female anime characters who “live in a mysterious world unknown to outsiders.” Currently, the floor price of the collection is 13 ETH on OpenSea.


Wrap Up


Let’s see what Leydon & his Blockchain gaming journey has in store for us? Till then you can play numerous exciting free-to-play NFT games to kick start your journey in Blockchain gaming. Or you can take our recent Crypto gaming guide to understand these games from the basics. Hope you like our blogs. Tell us in the comments below what more you’d like to know about Gaming. We’d be interested to know & happy to deliver.


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