First Ever XRPL Project Integration First Ever Blockchain Game Arrive With Staking Mechanics

Thu, 15th Sep 2022 17:48:25 PM Posted By Nimi Qaisar
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XRP Ledger has recently announced a merger with Maladroid's play-to-earn project to bring out an interactive XRPL blockchain game. Check Out its further details right here.

Ever heard of XRPL being merged with play to earn Maladroids? Well, now you can! XRP’s modular ecosystem based on XRP Ledger recently announced an integration of its Maladroids play-to-earn project into the XRPL blockchain. 


And.. it's not over yet! XP team also said the game, which resembles more like the famous Fall Guys arcade game, is fully functional now. Though its launching date hasn’t been finalized yet.  


After this, it can be said that Maladroids is the first ever blockchain-integrated game that possesses staking mechanics. In Fall Guys you might only get only monotonous levels to accomplish again-n-again but in Maladroids, both XRP and OXP, which is a native XRP token, will be at stake. 


Crypto gamers can stake their XRP or OXP, and then whoever makes it to the finish line first will win the prize. Already announced a partnership with a major music label, has also been a plan of XRP to raise awareness for Maladroids and the ecosystem as a whole. 


You can expect more info on XRP partners will be announced on Sept. 7 . Great vector of development The expansion of XRP into blockchain games seems like a great scope for its evolution. Whereas the competitive approach nowadays can offer results at a much faster pace. The potential scale of the GameFi sector of the crypto market can be hardly found.


A free game with zero entry threshold, a sticky concept, and substantially the right UX design on the blockchain, could significantly manifest the gross value of the entire ecosystem. It eventually suggests that the size of the audience in these games could be measured in the tens of millions of people. Considering that, XRP stands a good chance to prosper & earn. The narrative of Maladroids in the super-popular Fall Guys project is built on XRP Ledger, too it acts as a strong foundation for any gamer to start.

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