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Hop Mania


Enjoy Hop Mania Game Online at Jagran Play with Family and Friends

You might have heard a lot about Princess & the Frog but have you heard about Frog & Chicken? Well, they make a great duo on Hop Mania! It is a thrilling game on Jagran Play where you have to cross busy lanes filled with all kinds of cars, Logs, Roly Poly & more. Hop your way across these moving lanes as a Frog & Chicken Duo. Let’s see how far you can go while jumping across the streets. You can even challenge your buddies to reach the highest levels in a limited time. It's a free online game that you can play anytime, anywhere! What else do you need huh? Hop In Now.

Follow these simple rules to Play Hop Mania Game Online

1. Cross Busy lanes of Road to reach the destination.

2. Avoid accidents with cars or any other moving obstacle coming your way.

3. Collect blinking rewards amidst the lane to speed up your crossing.

4. Hop over floating logs to cross the rivers.

5. Getting hit by vehicles will lead to the game being over. 

Simple Steps to Play Hop Mania Game Online

1. Click on the Play Button to Start.

2. Tap over your Frog/ Chicken to make them jump.

3. Use Up & Down Arrows on Screen to move forward & backward respectively.

4. Hop over logs to cross the rivers.


Pro Tip: If possible hop a little but at a faster pace. It keeps you in motion at every end avoiding any accidents with cars.

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