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    Do you believe you are Good at word puzzles? How about you try this thriller game of words on Jagran Play? It is an exciting game for any nerd who loves to find different combinations of words. Let’s see how fast you can go at these ‘wordly’ combinations?

    1.You will be offered with a definite number of letters that will increase as you pass the levels. 


    2. To create a word, just drag and connect the letters provided in the circle. 


    3. Fill the given blocks with different combinations of words.


    4. You can also ask for hints but they are limited.(So choose wisely!)


    5. Once you fill all the blocks with your words you’ll reach another advanced level.

    1.Tap on the Play button.


    2. Drag and connect the letters to form a word.


    3. Your words will fill the empty blocks above the letter circle.


    4. Time starts ticking so try making endless combinations in the least amount of time.


    5. The levels will increase & become harder as you fill all the empty blocks with words.

    Screen Based Controls. Just Drag & drop over the letters to connect & form a word

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