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Comfy Farm


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Comfy Farm  is a super cozy game that you can play whenever you feel too stressed or burdened with anything in life. It just hits your diifferently! You have to farm differentl varities of vegetables  based on the changing seasons while completing all the chores of a simple farm. You can escape your chaotic surrounding & dwell into the subtle & simple life of bird-chirping farms through this free online game on Jagran Play. As the day proceeds you get to explore distinct struggles such as bugs, crows etc. But at the end of the day you will feel relieved with the calm & soothing set up of Comfy Farm game on Jagran Play. 

Rules to play Comfy Farm Game Online

1. You have to farm over the given land & earn money by selling the harvested vegetables.

2. You have to dig the land, plant the seeds & irrigate the saplings for better growth

3. Steer away the bugs & crows which damage the crops.

4. You can buy variety of farm supplies once you collect enough money for expenditure.

5. Don't worry if night arrives, the Comfy Farm begins from where you left off.

How to Play Comfy Farm Online Game

1 - Click on the Play Button to Start.

2 - Tap over the location to navigate farmer's location.

3 - Click over the place to begin daily chores of the farmer.

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