Space Defender

Space Defender


Spaceship Defender is a simple and fun arcade game. The game has more challenging insight. Save the UFO carrying aliens inside it, as they are heading towards their home. Spaceship defender is flappy dodge game, keep your eye on the path. Try not to collide with meteoroids between your path. Challenge your friends and check out who gets the best high score.

1 - Save The Ugo By Tapping To Get It Through The Tunnel Of Craters If You Collide With Crater Your Ugo Will Crash


2 - Be Careful Of These Incoming Meteors Dodge Them Or Else Your Ugo Will Crash Resulting In Game Over


3 - Collect The Normal Stars On Your Way To Increase Your Score by 1.


4 - Collect The Red Stars On Your Way To Increase Your Score by 2.


5 - Collect The Candy On Your Way To Increase Your Score by 5.

1 - Simple click on the play button.


2 - Tap on the screen to control you dodging spaceship.

Touch Based Controls.

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